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Chad Clark: “We are one family”

These days all the federal media is writing about the disaster in Yakutia - an unprecedented flood and its consequences that affected hundreds of people.

Recently natural cataclysms are shaking different corners of the planet. This year, trouble came to Yakutia. An unprecedented flood caused great damage to many riverside areas of the republic. All possible forces were thrown to save people and animals. The help also came fr om the federal rescue services.

Now the flood in the basin of the Lena River is declining. The water gradually goes down, but six more settlements remain flooded. There is a calculation of losses caused by nature. In general, residents of 35 settlements suffered fr om "big water". 22 social facilities, including 4 schools, are subject to serious restoration. Damage amounted to about 800 million rubles.

Today on federal newscast, the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters) reported on a stable trend towards stabilization of the situation.  Restoration works are planned. 

In this regard, scheduled activities are canceled. This also affected large-scale sporting events. For example, the VII Sports Games of the peoples of Yakutia, which were to be held in August in Amga, are postponed for the next year. The Head of the republic Egor Borisov urged everyone to understand the current difficult situation.

Our friends in many countries could not help responding once they found out about the disaster. Almost everyone wrote words of support and offered help. The coach of the American National Mas-Wrestling Team Chad Clark from Virginia expressed general opinion the best way:

"In American culture there is an old saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. On behalf of the US Mas-Wrestling Team I want our friends to know that our hearts and thoughts are with those who are now rebuilding the destructions caused by the terrible floods that recently passed in the republic. And despite the fact that we are now thousands of miles away, we are all one family and we love you. Please let us know what can we do to help the victims.

I want you to know that I respect Yakut friends and their culture very much. I am sure that all my friends around the world share my thoughts and also express sympathy, demonstrating our support to friends in Yakutia. Yes, the world we live in today is crazy. But we are all one family. We all teamed up in power sports. I want you to know that I will do good to any of you. "

Chad Clark is well known to all colleagues as a powerful "unifier" of the mas-wrestlers wordwide. He created the “Mas-Wrestling and friends” group on Facebook, wh ere all fans of the sport can exchange both official and informal news. The group is very popular, which indicates a special atmosphere and the strengthening of the brotherhood of world mas-wrestlers.

The world-famous mas-wrestler from Yakutia Anatoliy Baishev lives and works in the most affected by the flood Amga region. He heard Clark's words on the way to Nalchik, wh ere he is heading now for the Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship and sends back the words of gratitude to the American coach. He wrote that they are very touched by their attention.

I think that such a warm relationship between athletes from different countries only benefits the common cause and serves to strengthen friendly relations between our peoples. Isn’t this what they call people's diplomacy?

You can see the moments of flooding here

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Из архива Чада Кларка, социальные сети
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