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The North American Mas-Wrestling Championship took place this year in Canada

For the first time Canada hosted a continental mas-wrestling championship. July 14, Calgary showed a great hospitality.

Vladimir Proskuryakov, Minister-Counsellor at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada visited the opening ceremony of the North American Continental Championship to salute its contestants.

Until this time all the continental championships were held in the United States of America, and this year it crossed the border and was first held in Canada, the second country in North America, where they began developing mas-wrestling.

Organizers: East Coast Mas Wrestling, MAS Wrestling USA, The Training Hall by Odd E. Haugen, Alberta Strongman Association.

Our young colleague from the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Canada, Andrew Bolinger, showed his enthusiasm and responsible attitude towards the cause in preparing this event and earned himself the respect of all his collegues. As a result of his activities in Calgary, participants from five countries of the world have met: the USA, Canada, Russia, Uruguay and South Africa.

It was an open championship. Competitions were held among men and women.

Results of women's competitions:

- up to 75 kg: 1. Alyssa Anderson, 2. Osipova Sardana - Russia, 3. Caitlin Fast;

- over 75 kg: 1st place - Bailey Deschene, 2nd place - Nicole Higham - USA, 3. Tanya Farley.

First three places were given 250, 150 and 100 dollars respectively. Sardana Osipova from Russia was the best in the weight category up to 65 kg and received 250 dollars as a prize.

32 men competed on the mas-wrestling platform in two weight categories - up to and over 105 kg.

Quinton Faulk from the southern Canadian province of Saskatchewan was the winner in the first category, the second - Mitchell Koop from Alberta. Representatives of other countries fought for the third place - Rodrigo Gonzalez from Uruguay, whom we know very well and Myron Naiken from South Africa. The experience took its own and the President of Uruguay Mas-Wrestling Federation became the bronze medalist of the North American Championship. Our sincere congratulations and deep respect for the dedication to mas-wrestling! We note that the athletes participated in the competition at their own expense.

Mr. Odd Haugen, Vice-President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, who oversaw the establishment of the Mas-Wrestling Federation in Canada, and now oversees its formation visited the Continental Championship. Mr. Haugen does not cease to amaze us with the fact of personal participation in competitions. Thus, he sets an example of sporting longevity with the athletes from all over the world following him. We are very proud that such a legendary person propagandizes our mas-wrestling.

In the heavyweight division, the champion of the continent is Jeff Martens of Calgary, who also won the title of absolute champion and was additionally rewarded for this with a cash prize of $200. At the moment, he is intensively preparing for his first major international mas-wrestling tournament in Vladivostok, which will be held in the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum for the prizes of the CC Kolmar LLC – coal mining and processing company. The tournament under such a sonorous name was first held last year and was marked as particularly successful. Therefore, it was decided to make it traditional. This year, 32 athletes from 30 countries are expected to participate. The prize fund of the Kolmar Cup is 300 thousand rubles.

Devonta Montgomery took the second place in the heavyweight division. Logan Emery followed him on the list of winners.

All the participants noted the great cordiality and atmosphere of hospitality from our Canadian colleagues. We will just quote the letter from our friend Chad Clark, a coach from Virginia, USA: 

"The crew!!!

We may be a small group of mas-wrestling team USA athletes, but whenever we travel we keep adopting more and more people into our group. Later today we will see our good friends from Uruguay and Russia, not to mention all of the Canadian crew - they are absolutely amazing: the hospitality they have shown to us, no doubt this is the first of many trips north of our border.

A huge thank you to all involved in Mas-Wrestling Canada: Mike Proskow, Andrew Bolinger, Caitlin Helen Fast for putting on the North American Mas-Wrestling championships, y'all did such an amazing job with this event! We thank you for all of the hospitality and generosity shown to us, can’t wait to return the favor stateside. We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon!!!”.


Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Sunny Bhamra
Number of shows: 1021
Country:  Canada
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