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Nomad Universe in the framework of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival

Regulation of the International Ethnofestival «Nomad Universe» in the framework of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival


Relying on the ethnocultural heritage of the peoples of the world, International Ethnofestival «Nomad Universe» (hereinafter – Ethnofestival) has the following goals and objectives:

1. development of the world ethnocultural, ethnosport and scientific movement;

2. popularization, development and introduction to the international arena of types of ethnosports, traditional games and competitions of the peoples of the world;

3. preservation of the historical, cultural heritage and diversity of the peoples of the world in the era of globalization;

4. assistance to the scientific and organizational-methodical substantiation of the ethnosports movement, types of ethnosport, traditional games and competitions of the peoples of the world;

5. strengthening and further development of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, friendship, harmony and cooperation among the nations of the world and demonstration of their cultural diversity.


The International Ethnofestival «Nomad Universe» is held in the framework of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival and includes the following ethnosports activities:

- competitions in national types of wrestling, martial arts and traditional intellectual games,

- demonstration games on traditional archery, hunting with birds of prey and hunting dogs, horseback games and traditional intellectual games. 

Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sports delegations’ arrival dates: March 7-8, 2019.

Dates: March 9-19, 2019.

Sports delegations’ departure date: March 20, 2019. 


Sports delegations of countries of the world are allowed to participate at the Ethnofestival only at the personal invitation of the World Ethnogames Confederation according to a certain numerical quota. Compilation of sports delegations for sports is carried out by relevant sports federations and associations.

Athletes of 18 years and older (except intellectual sports) who have undergone a medical examination and have permission of medical commission to participate in competitions are allowed to participate in competitions. All participants must have insurance policies.

Members of sports delegations during their stayıng at the Ethnofestival must abide by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the norms of behavior, appearance and wearing clothing. While participating in competitions, participants may wear sports uniforms of a particular sport, but during the rest of their time at the Ethnofestival, participants must strictly wear the national uniform of their country.

In case of non-fulfillment of the conditions of this regulation, members of the sports delegations may be excluded from participation in the Ethnofestival.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the consequences and possible injuries during training and sports events. The host country will take all necessary measures to ensure security in the places of residence of participants and venues for competitions. 


The general management of the preparation and holding of the Ethnofestival is carried out by the Organizing Committee, formed by Camel Club and World Ethnogames Confederation.

The direct leadership of ethnosporting events at the Ethnofestival is entrusted to World Ethnogames Confederation together with international and national sports federations. 


Camel Club covers the following expenses:

- preparation and holding of the Ethnofestival;

- preparation and maintenance of competition venues;

- air flight from the places of residence of participants to Saudi Arabia and back, as well as local transportation;

- accommodation and meals for participants of the Ethnofestival (organizers, athletes, coaches, grooms, judges, representatives of federations, demonstrators, musicians);

- feed for horses, hunting birds (falcons, golden eagles) and hunting dogs (taigans);

- diplomas, medals and prize fund for awarding winners and prize-winners. 

Participating countries cover the following expenses:

- travel expenses: food and daily allowance on the way, providing feed for animals on the way, etc.;

- insurance of participants;

- provision of participants with national uniform and sports uniform for sports, flags. 


International and national federations for sports and participants of competitions in these sports in order to popularize, promote types of ethnosport and promote healthy lifestyle among the local population every day hold demonstration games and master classes according to the program drawn up by the Organizing Committee.

In addition to ethnosporting events (competitions and demonstration games), ethnocultural events will be held at the Ethnofestival (ethno-hit, ethno-fashion, ethno-bazaar, ethno-house, ethno-cuisine, etc.), including the solemn opening and closing ceremonies of the Ethnofestival. Participants in ethnosports events will be invited to participate in ethnocultural events, including opening and closing ceremonies of the Ethnofestival. While participating in demonstration games and ethnocultural events, including opening and closing ceremonies of the Ethnofestival, all participants should be dressed strictly in the national uniform of their country.

Participants can bring national souvenirs, handicrafts, articles of national clothing, national products, etc. to the Ethnofestival for sale to tourists and visitors of the Ethnofestival at the ethno-bazaar (alcohol, tobacco, narcotic goods are strictly prohibited). List of imported goods to the Ethnofestival must be agreed with World Ethnogames Confederation before February 1, 2019. Transportation of additional cargo and payment of customs expenses are provided by participants.

Also participants in agreement with Organizing Committee may be provided with a yurt (nomad’s dwelling), which they can arrange in the national style for presentation in the Nomad Village. 


In order to participate in the Ethnofestival, sports delegations invited by World Ethnogames Confederation, should send electronic application with information about composition of team, as well as scanned copies of passports and electronic photos of participants (on white background) for purchasing of tickets and preparation of visa support letter. All participants will be further informed about the procedure for obtaining visas to Saudi Arabia. 


Teams and athletes who have took 1-2-3 places in competitions of the Ethnofestival, will be awarded with medals, diplomas and cash prizes. 


World Ethnogames Confederation

100, Razzakov St., Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, 720040

Contact for participation questions in the Ethnofestival’s sports events:

– Belek Usenbekov, tel.: + 996 (558) 70-78-07, email:



Number of shows: 1910
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