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The loss of the world champion and other results of the Absolute Mas-Wrestling Championship of the Sakha Republic

Last Saturday, December 22, the Absolute Mas-Wrestling Championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in memory of the Honored Coach Fedor Matveevich Degtyarev was held at the “Modun” Sports Complex.

Last Saturday, December 22, the Absolute Mas-Wrestling Championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in memory of the Honored Coach Fedor Matveevich Degtyarev was held at the “Modun” Sports Complex.

In total, 40 best mas-wrestlers came together for the tournament. Competitions were held among men and women in weight categories up to 70 kg and over 70 kg.

Acting world champions Pavel Chernogradskiy, Djulus Nogovitsyn, Dmitriy Popov, Evgeny Udin and Irina Sevryuk did not take part in this tournament. But Natalia Chernogradskaya, Saina Sedalischeva, Sergey Konstantinov and Sergey Frolkin distinguished themselves.

In women’s weight category up to 70 kg, winning all the rivals with a confident score of 2-0, Natalya Chernogradskaya, the favorite in this weight category, celebrated the victory. Silver went to Yana Zakharova, and bronze medal was won by a young and promising athlete, Valentina Vasilyeva.

Over 70 kg without giving a single stick to the rivals, Saina Sedalisheva climbed to the highest step of the pedestal. Note that Saina and Natalya this year won all the competitions in which they participated, and ended this year also on a positive note. We'll see if anyone succeeds in shifting them next year.

In men, 26 athletes took part in the weight up to 70 kg - this is more than half of all participants in this tournament. This number of mas-wrestlers in this weight category is explained by the fact that Fedor Matveevich himself performed in this weight category and was the repeated champion of the Republic. And now his pupils fought for victory in these competitions.

The competition did not go without sensations. A clear favorite of the tournament, Sergey Konstantinov, unexpectedly for everyone, lost in the second round to Peter Burnashev from Ust-Aldan region with a score of 1-2, thereby surprising everyone in the hall. But then he nevertheless got ready and already in the following fights, he more than confidently won everyone, reaching the final. There, another representative of the Ust-Aldan region, Aisen Atastyrov, was already waiting for him. It was evident that Aisen was at the peak of his form and this was proved by the fact that he had never lost to his rivals during the tournament. So in the final, he met with his principal rival, Sergey Konstantinov. The guys have long been familiar and know the strengths and weaknesses of each other. And this time Aisen Atastyrov was ready for the victory. He won the opponent with a score of 2-0 and became the absolute champion of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and received a champion belt, which was specially made for this tournament.

In the heaviest weight category, men over 70 kg, there were no sensations, although anything could happen in the confrontation between two heavyweight titans Erchim Bappagay and Sergey Frolkin. These two clearly stood out among their rivals, and they were the ones who had to fight for the title of absolute champion. So it happened. But Erchim could not provide due resistance to Sergey and lost 2-0. I note that Sergey weighed 140 kg, which is 20 kg more than Erchim's weight, and this probably played a role.

Winners and prize winners:

Women up to 70 kg

Chernogradskata Natalya (Modun)

Zakharova Yana (NEFU)

Vasilyeva Valentina (Modun)

Women over 70 kg

Sedalischeva Saina  (Churapcha region)

Tomskaya Saina (NEFU)

Turchina Alina (Megino-Kangalass region)

Men up to 70 kg

Atastyrov Aysen (Ust-Aldan region)

Konstantinov Sergey (Modun)

Rakhleev Alexander (Modun)

Men over 70 kg

Frolkin Sergey (Modun)

Bappagay Erchim (Verkhne-Vilyusk region)

Fedorov Innokentiy (Modun)

Author: Sandal Nikanorov
Photo: Maksim Sukhanov
Number of shows: 569
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