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Sunshine Coast Mas-Wrestling starts the new year

Fantastic competition today at the first Sunshine Coast Mas-Wrestling Workshop and Challenge.
Massive thank to Nutrition Warehouse - sponsor of the event who provided very generous prize packs for the winners. Huge thanks also to  Scott Hipwell at Musle Hut who not only provided the venue for today’s contest, but continues to provide the best gym on the Sunshine Coast for elite athletes for so many sports.

We had nine men and three women athletes, thanks to everyone who came, in particular Siobhann who made the three hour trek from Oakey, and Callum and Simon who came up from the Gold Coast.

The matches were all played fiercely, but in the spirit of the friendly contest. There was a raucous atmosphere with quite a few casual spectators cheering on the athletes.

I hope everyone had a great day, and take the sport of mas-wrestling back to their gyms to help grow.

End results were

men up to 95 kg 

1. Colin Webb
2. Jacob Boyce
3. Glenn Webster
4. Lachlan Oxenford
5. Jarrod Slatter

over 95 kg men

1. Callum Haggerty
2. Tim O’Shea
3. Jarrod Braganza
4. Simon Morelli

up to 75 kg women

1. Jen Webb
2. Valerie Silver

over 75 kg women

1. Siobhann Bushe

Author: Tim O’Shea
Number of shows: 649
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