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Mongolian mas-wrestling is open to the whole world

For the first time the national mas-wrestling championship in Mongolia was held in an open format. The first swallows from abroad were the Russian participants.

The country championship MONGOLIA OPEN -2019 was held on May 8-9 in the center of Tuv, Aymag district - Zuumonde.

123 athletes fr om 15 organizations took part in the competition.

At the opening ceremony of the championship there were honored guests:

- Deputy Head of Tuv Aimak district Tsedevdorzh Enkhbat;

- Lena Tomskaya, member of the Presidium of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation;

- Osor Battulga, Head of the Department of the Physical Culture and Sports Agency of Mongolia;

- Erdenesayhan Bilegt, Head of the Department of Sports National Teams of the Physical Culture and Sports Agency of Mongolia;

- Sharav Bayasgalan, specialist of the sports teams team of the Agency of Physical Culture and Sport of Mongolia;

- Lawyer of the Agency of Physical Culture and Sport of Mongolia Noosgoi Batsатh;

- General Secretary of the Weightlifting Federation of Mongolia Tsenharzhav Hasbaatar;

- Director of the Palace of Sports of Tuv, Aimak District, Dulam Altanhuyag;

- Responsible for the development of mas-wrestling in Mongolia, specialist of the sports teams of the Agency of Physical Culture and Sports of Mongolia Erdenevanchig Batbaatar.

As a sign of special respect, as a symbol of friendship, successful cooperation in the development of mas-wrestling in the world and good-neighborly relations between our countries, gratitude and a commemorative medal on behalf of the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Arctic and Antarctic Council at the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Mr. Alexander Akimov was presented to Director of the Palace of Sports of Tuv Aimag District, Mr. Dulam Altanhuyagu.

World mas-wrestling enthusiasts Dulam Altanhuyag and Lena Tomskaya, as well as a coach from Songino-Khairkhan district Yagaanbandi Batzhargal were awarded honorary awards for achievements in the development of sports in Mongolia on behalf of the Head of the Agency for Physical Culture and Sport of Mongolia Tseranjanharna Sharavzham

After the opening, a cultural program awaited the participants and guests of the sports festival: a unique traditional chants were sounded and the song “Victory Day” in Russian was dedicated to May 9th.

Within the framework of the championship among adults, qualifying competitions among youths started for the further formation of the national team of Mongolia, which will defend the honor of the country at the “Children of Asia” International Sports Games, which will take place in Ulan Bator in August 2020. The International Mas-Wrestling Federation will provide all-round support in the preparation of mas-wrestling specialists, which is included in the Games program. Recall that the “Children of Asia” Games is the only global international project among children and youth, which has the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.

The competitions were held in a surprisingly warm and friendly atmosphere. In the course of the event, a story for a new documentary about the mas-wrestlers of the world was filmed. This time, a teenager from a typical Mongolian village who is preparing for the “Children of Asia” games was chosen as a hero. We thank the cameraman Nikolai Petrov from Yakutsk and for consulting assistance of Semyon Amanatov for assistance. Departure of the creative team was made possible thanks to the support of the Director of the Republican Center for National Sports named after V. Manchaary, Mr. Gavril Mokhnachevsky.

Note: If desired, each Asian mas-wrestling federation can choose its young hero for similar shootings, which will be a part of the junior national team next year in the mas-wrestling competition at the “Children of Asia” International Sports Games. The International Mas-Wrestling Federation is then ready to discuss the details of the shooting process.

It should be noted that the organizers of the open national championship did their best - the building of the Palace of Sports, the large hall wh ere the competitions were held, were decorated with colorful banners. Designer premium attributes and various souvenir products were made. The director of the sports facility gave a reception to guests from abroad and provided a trip to the sights of Mongolia.

Yakutian schoolchildren were amazed at the grand scale of the complex dedicated to Genghis Khan, built right in the Mongolian steppe. A huge 40-meter monument to the conqueror as if rests directly on the sky. Genghis Khan sits on a horse in a majestic pose and looks into the distance. And the boundless steppe with mountainous hills on the horizon stretches before his eyes. There are hundreds of yurts around the monument. Bronze Mongol riders in the attack complement the overall picture. It makes a strong impression. It is worth coming to this country just for the sake of it.

The Mongolian Mas-Wrestling Federation has demonstrated its openness for cooperation with all IMWF member countries. Special thanks to Erdenevaanchig Batbaator, the person responsible for the development of mas-wrestling in this friendly country, for this initiative.

Results of the competition:


50 kg

1. B.Arvin - the village of Chandman

2. A. Tanvanjargal - the village of Chandman

3. E. Otgonyargal - Tuv district

60 kg


1. M.Zolargal - Tuv district

2. B.Nomin - BTC school

3. J. Enhmaa - School 124

70 kg

1. Kh.Nomgonbayar - Tuv district

2. B. Sergegetszeg - Tuv district

3. B. Unang - school number 74

+ 70 kg

1. Ts. Anuzhin - school number 124

2. B.Zultsetseg - school number 74

3. B.Enhtuyaa - Tuv district


50 kg

1. I.Ohlopkov - Russia, Yakutia

2. B.Munkhsayhan - Tuv district

3. K.Kuzmin - Russia, Yakutia

60 kg

1. B.Munh-Erdene - Chandman village

2. S.Bat-Ochir - Tuv district

3. E. Gan-Erdene - Tuv district

70 kg

1. D.Dugunov - Russia, Yakutia

2. B. Batbat - Tuv district

3. C.Dagvadorzh - school number 74

80 kg

1. A.Rakhleev - Russia, Yakutia

2. C. Temzhin - Tuv district

3. D. Batdorzh - Tuv district

+ 85 kg


1. E. Kudrin - Russia, Yakutia

2. A.Ivanov - Russia, Yakutia

3. A.Amgalanzhargal - Tuv district


65 kg

1. N.Buzhinlham - Tuv district

2. B.Emүүzhin - Chandman village

3. A.Narangarel - Tuv district

75 kg

1. T.Oyyun-Erdene - Khan-Uul district

2. D. Battuyaa - Songhino Hairhansk district

3. D. Lutbayar - school number 24

85 kg

1. Y.Batzhargal - Songhino Hairhansk district

2. D. Battsetseg - Nalayi District

3. C.Tuul - the city of Ulan Bator


70 kg

1. Ts. Bathishig - Everhangay district

2. M.Bilgun - Tuv district

3. M.Altaibaatar - sports school

80 kg

1. T.Mөnhtemүүlan - Tuv district

2. E.Chimeddorzh - sports school

3. T. Erhiybal - Ulgiyn Huchten Club

90 kg

1. S. Otgonbyar - Tuv district

2. B. Bat Erdene - Tuv district

3. D.Munh-Erdene - Tuv district

105 kg

1. B.Ganchuluun - Tuv district

2. A. Batzoryg - Mustang Club

3. E. Sumyabat - Bulgansky district

125 kg

1. E.Tulga - Hilchin club

2. B. Banzragch - Chingiltei District

3. D.Tumenzhargal - Govtsambersky district

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Nikolay Petrov, Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 486
Country:  Mongolia
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