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Baku welcomes friends

First participants of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup stage are arriving to Baku.

The first to come were athletes fr om Pakistan, led by the President of the national federation of mas-wrestling Nawab Furqan Khan, who had already held a number of meetings on international sports cooperation. First he met the president of the Association of National Sports of Azerbaijan Mr. Khanlar Gurbanov at the National Olympic Committee. During the meeting, a sports manager from Pakistan received an invitation to participate in the upcoming traditional sports festival of Azerbaijan in July, wh ere for the first time Pakistani wrestlers will be able to demonstrate the national sport “Desi Kushti” at the international level. Such meetings meet the goals and objectives of holding international mas-wrestling events. Intercultural dialogue is one of important mission of mas-wrestling.

By the way, on the days of the arrival of the Pakistani sports delegation to the host country, the Muslim post “Ramadan” was still being held, during which the religious should not eat or drink anything from dawn to dusk. Local colleagues gave foreign friends the opportunity to fully comply with it and together performed all the necessary rites.

In total, more than 110 participants from 17 countries of the world arrive in Baku to compete in the 1st stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup.

The following number of applications were received from the national mas-wrestling federations: Azerbaijan - 30 participants, Benin - 6, Hungary - 2, Georgia - 5, India - 3, Kazakhstan - 3, Kyrgyzstan - 14, Lithuania - 2, Pakistan - 2 , Russia - 24, Slovakia - 1, Togo - 4, Turkmenistan - 1, Uzbekistan - 7, Ukraine - 9, Finland - 1. The number of participants from Iran has not been determined yet.

On the evening of June 7, we will find out the results of the work of the commission on the admission of participants and will provide more detailed information about the main starts of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation of this year. The names and weight categories of participating athletes can be found on the event page on the website of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation

These days Azerbaijan mas-wrestling federation hospitably welcomes mas-wrestling friends from around the world. They will soon have a chance to see the largest city of Transcaucasia, the pearl of the Caspian Sea - the city of Baku. And feel all the warmth of friendly hugs.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 713
Country:  Azerbaijan
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