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Friends help overcome obstacles

What do you think is most important in human life?
True - health.
And then, by value - friends and comrades ...
It is these people who give you the confidence that with them all the life problems and problems will be overcome.
And they never need to ask about it, they all understand half a word, and that one and without words.
This is a rear that will always be securely closed fr om all problems ...
And this friend and comrade for all of Sofia's athletes of power sports - weightlifting, mass-wrestling - is our American friend Chad Clark.
This is a great person and an athlete with whom I have fate at the World Championship in mass-wrestling in Kyrgyzstan in 2016.
Fate has caused not only with him, but with the entire US team from this spectacular sport. And I sincerely thank her for it ...
And since then, we always meet at world championships, World Cups.
We meet, communicate, get pleasure from competitions, struggle, just ours from sports life.
And so in the process of communication, our everyday life, become known to our friends.
And now they already know about our successes and disadvantages.
And when our American friends find out about some of the problems that are unfortunately in our lives, they are trying to help with what they can without any requests.
When, a year ago, the Sofia federation of weightlifting, wh ere I was a coach, did a great job of repairing our gym, Chad was one of my first friends, responded to the request of my friend, the wonderful American friend Alex Mac Hardy, and provided him with financial support. for repair work.
And now, in the summer of 2019, Chad again, without any talks, provided just fantastic support to our Sophia's athletes of power species, by purchasing and sending to Ukraine a whole lot (20 pieces) of great straps for trainers of weightlifters and powerlifters.
At the same time, having paid all customs expenses ...
These magnificent belts, of all sizes, are ideally suited for training for all Sophia athletes, ranging from the smallest to the greatest.
And for this they are the Sophists, both large and small, sincerely thank their great American friend and athlete Chad!
Because the athlete always understands the athlete and always supports a friend.
Thank you very much, our American friend Chad Clark, for your support in the development of youth sports in a small village of Ukraine!
Author: Victor Kruglik
Number of shows: 1073
Country:  Ukraine
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