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Mas-Wrestling Australian Nationals was run in Brisbane

The 2019 Mas-Wrestling Australian Nationals was run at Panthers Powerlifting in Brisbane, Queensland on Saturday 14 September.
Over 40 athletes competed in all weight classes, in what was an outstanding demonstration of the vast improvements in the standard of mas-wrestling in Australia.
There were some outstanding performances from some experienced and novice athletes alike.
In the 65 kg women’s class, novice Lee-ann Webb was outstanding, taking the win from the experienced Cindy Lin.
In the 75 kg women’s class, powerlifter Sarah Rodwell travelled 3,500 km from Darwin to take out the win over pro strongwoman Keya Woodland in a very hard fought class.
Red Wiard took out the win in the 75 kg+ women’s class, beating the experienced Liz Peterson.  Liz comes from a CrossFit background and has expressed the desire to grow mas-wrestling within that community.
Lachlan Green took out the gold medal in the 80 kg men’s class, beating the promising novice Tuva Toki.
Colin Webb, newly returned after wrestling in the Kolmar Cup in Vladivostok, was successful over the vastly improved Alex Doon and the experienced Sjoerd van den Berg.
In the 105 kg class the experienced Simon Morelli from the Gold Coast, beat the strong novice Ray Strophair for the gold medal.
The 125 kg class was a very strong one with Iain Brock proving dominant over Adm Coulson
Callum Haggerty was the champion in the very tough 125 kg+ class, with the giant youngster Jake Liveri pushing him all the way, and the experienced Tim O’Shea in third.
There was an opportunity for Gold Medallists to challenge for the Absolute Champion, with Sarah Rodwell and Iain Brock successfully claiming these titles.
The event was a huge success, and was a fantastic way to support the growth of Mas-Wrestling in Australia.

The winners were as follows:
55 kg Women
1 Gina Shaw (Gina weighed in in the 55kg class, but this class was merged with the 65kg class.  Gina competed gallantly in the 65kg class for a strong 4th place in that division as well!)

65 kg Women
1. Lee-ann Webb
2. Cindy Lin
3. Denise Conway

75 kg Women
1. Sarah Rodwell
2. Keya Woodland
3. Athelia Soley

75 kg+ Women
1. Red Wiard
2. Liz Peterson
3. Melinda Stewart

80 kg Men
1. Lachlan Green
2. Tuva Toki
3. KJ Kehoe

90 kg Men
1. Colin Webb
2. Alex Doon
3. Sjoerd van den Berg

105 kg Men
1. Simon Morelli
2. Ray Strophair
3. Brodie McBride

125 kg Men
1. Iain Brock
2. Adam Coulton
3. Chris Stewart

125 kg+ Men
1. Callum Haggerty
2. Jake Liveri
3. Tim O'Shea

Women - Sarah Rodwell
Men - Iain Brock
Author: Tim O'Shea
Number of shows: 921
Country:  Brisbane
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