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Congress of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation was held in Pabianice

At the Conference on November 15, the International Mas-Wrestling Federation took stock of the year and outlined plans for the future.

The Conference was attended by Presidium members:

1. Arnold A. Mokhov – General Secretary;

2. Odd Erling Haugen – Vice-President;

3. Carl Justin Waitoa – Vice-President;

4. Manuel Luis Angulo Jaime - Proxy of the IMWF Vice-President Vilmar Oliveira;

5. Anna Leцandovska – Presidium member;

6. Valeriy Gazaev – Presidium member;

7. Lena Tomskaya – Presidium member;

8. Henriette Borbély – Presidium mebmer;

9. Iskender Alymbekov – Presidium member;

10. Juha-vesa Jäntti – Presidium member;

11. Artavazd Nalbandyan – Presidium member;

12. Vitaliy Dubovs – член Presidium member;

Representatives of National Mas-Wrestling Federations:

13. Visciglia Eduardo Domingo – Argentina;

14. Armen Torunyan – Armenia;

15. Evandro Pomina – Brazil;

16. Tamas Deli – Hungary;

17. Kari Pätäri – Finland;

18. Valeriy Gulbani – Georgia;

19. Erle Deschene – Canada;

20. Ermek Kurmanaliev – Kyrgyzstan;

21. Arnis Rukmanis – Latvia;

22. Antanas Abrutis – Lithuania;

23. Raza Rehman – Pakistan;

24. Adam Alexander Czuba - Poland;

25. Nikolay Konstantinov - Russia;

26. Nemania Lekovich - Serbia;

27. Jan Matej – Slovakia;

28. Chad Clark – USA;

29. Ilgam Kadyrov – Uzbekistan;

30. Aleksei Kushnir – Ukraine;

31. Nina Meiier – France;

Invitee: Igor Alekseev – IMWF directorate.

The conference was chaired by General Secretary Arnold Mokhov. Secretary - Lena Tomskaya.

The work of the supreme body of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation began with a welcome message fr om President Alexander Akimov. Further, everything went as planned. The agenda was approved in advance at the meeting of the IMWF Presidium.

General Secretary Mokhov made a report about activities of International Mas-Wrestling Federation in 2019 and tasks for 2020. In his report, he said besides sports competitions, in 2019 there were other events, no less important.

In June in Yakutsk, it was arrival of the President of World Ethnosport Confederation Bilal Erdogan, with which a number of working meetings were held. The presentation of Mas-Wrestling in the World Festival of Martial Arts TAFISA, which was held in Ulyanovsk 13-17 September, was the best, as confirmed by an official document of TAFISA management. Mas-Wrestling will be included in the presentation program of the TAFISA World Games, which will be held in September in the capital of Portugal - Lisbon. A similar event is also planned to be held in Paris as part of the 35th World Martial Arts Festival.

Just a week ago at the Ministry of Sports of Russia was approved a very important document of the Russian Federation - the Federal standard for the sport of Mas-Wrestling. This document provides an official opportunity to start working with athletes from school. Next year we will translate this document and forward it to all IMWF member countries for further work.

Next, Arnold Mokhov announced the novelties of next year. Besides Mas-Wrestling tournaments in USA, Australia and Brazil as a part of “Arnold Classic” there will be held international tournaments in Scandinavia and the countries of the Arctic zone. 

Also, he pleased the attendees with the news about the filming of the feature film about Mas-Wrestling "Djuluur." Next year will also continue a filming a documentary about the world Mas-Wrestling, in which it is planned to cover heroes in all five continents.

Separately Arnold Mokhov touched upon the topic of the International Sports Games "Children of Asia", planned for next year in Mongolia. Now, a lot of work is underway to create conditions for the Games. Wherein it may be decided to postpone and host the Games in Qatar, Turkmenistan or other Asian country.

Of course, everyone cares wh ere the most important event of the year will take place. IMWF President Alexander Akimov proposes to host the World Cup again in Yakutsk, but in the summer, during the celebration of the national festival “Ysyakh”, to show participants from all over the world the homeland of the sport in all the splendor of the hot Yakut summer.

The issue of holding the Absolute World Cup in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the year, in January, is currently under consideration.

In addition, next year Kazan (Russia) will host the Commonwealth of Independent States’ Games in an open format. Mas-Wrestling is officially included in the program of this games. Competitions will take place among juniors 18-21 years.

Stepping aside from the competitive theme, the General Secretary informed about the establishment of the title “Ambassador of World Mas-Wrestling” for his special contribution to the popularization of Mas-Wrestling in the world, based on the principles of friendship between peoples, tolerance and mutual respect. According to the decision of the IMWF Presidium, the certificates of ambassadors were awarded to Odd E. Haugen, USA, Carl J. Waitoa, New Zealand, Henriette Borbely, Hungary, Juha-vesa Jäntti, Finland and Lena Tomskaya, Russia.

Further, members of the Presidium reported about their activities Odd E. Haugen, USA, Carl J. Waitoa, New Zealand, Iskender Alymbekov, Kyrgyzstan, Vitaliy Dubovs, Latvia, Jan Matej, Slovakia. It is gratifying that some members of the Presidium very commendably spoke about the activities of their colleagues in other countries. Therefore, Valery Gazaev from Ukraine praised the activities of his colleague Artavazd Nalbandyan from Armenia. Lena Tomskaya spoke about the work of Nawab Furqan Khan from Pakistan. And Henriet Borbely about his trip to Madagascar. We will tell about it in other article. There are some changes in the staff. In place of Timur Sabirov, Uzbekistan, and Martina Ollesch, Germany, were admitted new members by the application of National Federations Chad Clark, USA, and Igor Alekseev, Russia. Member of the IMWF Presidium Lena Tomskaya on the proposal of the President of the Federation, she was unanimously elected Vice-President.

Every year, the International Mas-Wrestling Federation welcomes new members to its family. So, several applications were considered. After the discussion, it was decided to admit to South Korea, President Han Dae Ho and Chile, President Angulo Jaime Manuel Luis.

About the Calendar plan informed Lena Tomskaya. There will be 23 big events, but, apparently, there will be more additions. The list of Mas-Wrestling competitions in the world you will be see on other day on the website of IMWF.

Vigorously discussed the introduction of additional weight categories up to 65 kg 75 kg among men. There were pros and cons, but as a result, a majority of votes added them. From now on, instead of seven weight categories, men will have 9 - 60 kg, 65 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 105 kg, 125 kg and 125+ kg.

During the work of the Congress, it was decided to create a supreme judicial body to streamline pressing issues of a judicial and disciplinary nature. This body will consist of the most authoritative people in this area: Odd Haugen - USA, Pavel Fitisov - Kazakhstan, Vladimir Tsukanov - Russia, Valery Gazaev - Ukraine. Arnold Mokhov - Russia, will head it.

Toward the close, the meeting participants accepted Vitaly Dubov’s proposal to create an anti-doping committee and develop documents in this direction. It was enthusiastically accepted for consideration by the proposal of Pakistani colleague Nawab Furqan Khan to define World Mas-Wrestling Day, so that all sports fans could celebrate it around the world. Support was received by the idea of ​​Lena Tomskaya to create documentary stories about Mas-Wrestling enthusiasts in different parts of the world under the working title “Mas-Wrestling unites people”.

In general, the work of Congress can be considered successful. All participants in the meeting are determined to implement all the plans.


Author: Лена Томская
Photo: Maksim Sukhanov
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