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Pakistan – territory of Mas-Wrestling

These days, Mas-Film studio is working in Pakistan on behalf of the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Aleksander K. Akimov. The work tri of the creative delegation was dedicated to the 3rd National Mas-Wrestling Championship in Shahbaz Sharif, Gujranwala.

Competition was held on December 7-8 with thousands in attendance. Witnesses of the grand celebration were local residents of the city and many who had traveled great distances. About 300 participants from 20 states of Pakistan in all weight categories took part in competition of the Yakut sport.

The organizer – Pakistan Mas-Wrestling Federation a member of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation since 2014. Since the inception of this organization, the enthusiast, and now President Nawab Furqan Khan, has done a great job of popularizing Mas-Wrestling in his region. The country is conducting important work on behalf of children and adults and their love for Mas Wrestling in Pakistan. Pakistani athletes are already performing at a high international level and we expect to see much more growth. Thus, the National Federation is proud of its winners of the South American Open Mas-Wrestling Championship as a part of Arnold Classic in Brazil. With the support of specialists - judges and Mas-Wrestling coaches, local athletes stand a good chance to be competitive on the world stage.

Before and during the championship Mas-Film Studio filmed a new documentary under the working title “Mas-wrestling unites people: Pakistan” about the origin and development of Mas-Wrestling in Pakistan. The film’s plot will include brief information about the country, its traditions,  some of their national sports, the integration of the Yakut sport, the local leader in Mas-Wrestling, as well as about the children who are getting prepared for the International Sports Games “Children of Asia – 2020”.

For the creative team members of the Mas-Film Studio the host provided accommodation, meal and vehicles for filming. It should be said that all residents, young and old, welcomed our delegation with great hospitality. We can see that these feelings are sincere by the genuine smiles and excited people. Billboards with portraits of members of our international delegation are everywhere, throughout the city. There are hundreds of them...

Pakistan has assimilated the culture of many of its neighbors, such as other South Asian, Iranian and Turkic peoples of Central Asia and West Asia.

Traditional sports and games are an important part of cultural life in Pakistan and original sports are cultivated here. One of these sports is Kabbadi, a very exciting sport to watch, nearly a combination of American football and wrestling. The interest in national sports among the nation is huge, and people are travelling for hours to watch competitions and tournaments. Mas-Wrestling a sport which originated in Yakutia and has been passed from generation to generation was adopted here with great enthusiasm. Pakistan is passionately assimilating Mas Wrestling as a sport of their own and it is spreading rapidly.

Our film is planned to be made in English with subtitles in Russian and intended to be shown to a wide international audience. To work in English, by agreement with the President of the US Mas-Wrestling Federation Odd Haugen, Lee David Martin from Los Angeles California was hired. Cameramen – Nikolay Petrov (camera + quadrocopter) and Maksim Sukhanov (camera, photo, time laps shooting) from Yakutia. The Head of the delegation - Vice President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Lena Tomskaya, responsible for promoting Mas-Wrestling in the world.

A documentary film about the development of Mas-Wrestling in the Muslim country of Pakistan will clearly demonstrate the leading role of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation in the world and its peacekeeping, unifying peoples mission and the ability of this sport to bring people together. The film will enter a series of documentary stories about the development of Mas-Wrestling on different continents. The goal is to inform the world community about the origins of the sport and its historical progress on the planet.

We thank the Company “Railways of Yakutia”, which provided uniforms for all members of the International film crew and donated gifts to the children.

Also, special thanks to the Permanent Mission of Yakutia in Moscow for souvenirs for the organizers of the Mas-Wrestling Championship of Pakistan.


Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Maksim Sukhanov, Lena Tomskaya
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