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The 5th Ukrainian Mas-Wrestling Championship gathered a record number of participants

Last Saturday, Melitopol once again hosted the country's main Mas-Wrestling event. Besides the Championship in the open age category, was also held the 4th Ukrainian Mas-Wrestling Championship among juniors, boys and girls. These competitions gathered a record number of participants.

125 athletes fr om Zaporozhye, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Kiev regions competed on two mas-wrestling platforms. The vast majority of athletes are young people, although seasoned veterans from the national team also participated in the competitions.

The involvement of students from universities and other educational institutions helped to significantly expand the number of participants.

By the way, since the president of the Ukrainian Mas-Wrestling Federation Valery Gazaev headed the Department of Physical Education, TGATU, named after D. Motorny, youth involvement in Mas-Wrestling has increased several times. The university’s powerful sports base and the staff of the sports department also make a significant contribution to the development of Mas-Wrestling.

Traditionally, the federations of the Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson regions, whose leaders Viktor Kruglik and Konstantin Shvets continue to tirelessly develop the Yakut sport and train athletes of the international level, have nominated strong teams. Between them, as well as the team of Zaporizhzhya region, flared up the main struggle for the team championship. A pleasant surprise was the participation of a separate patrol police team, which was organized by one of the pioneers of the domestic Mas-Wrestling Dmitry Besedin.

For the many participants Saturday’s event was the debut. Well, some athletes have once again demonstrated their high level. The real legend was Aleksey Kushnir, who climbed the highest step of the National Championship’s podium for the fifth time. This time Alexey performed in the category up to 80 kg, wh ere in the finals he met experienced Konstantin Shvets. And yet Alexey, though not without difficulty, but broke the resistance of his opponent, despite the advantage of Konstantin in weight. However, Konstantin’s wife Alexandra, took gold in the category up to 65 kg. And all the more paradoxical, the most difficult fight of Alexandra took place with the main ally of Alexey Kushnir for the development of Mas-Wrestling in the Veselovsky district, Julia Lebedenko. Thus, was set a peculiar status quo.

The management of the Ukrainian Mas-Wrestling Federation is pleased with the level of the Сhampionship and the number of participants. The President of the Ukrainian Mas-Wrestling Federation Valery Gazaev is sure that in a few years the country's championships will bring together hundreds of participants. At the same time, the lack of support from the government and, as a result, the insufficient number of qualified coaching personnel hinder the rapid development of Mas-Wrestling in Ukraine. However, enthusiasts who volunteer to develop Mas-Wrestling do not doubt their success. And proof of this is the entry of the Ukrainian team in this sport into the four strongest teams in the world among more than forty National Federations.

In the team championship among adults, the team of Zaporizhzhya region scored the most points. The second in the number of points were athletes from the Dnipropetrovsk region, and the team from Kherson region took a bronze.


Girls up to 40 kg:

1. Angelina Saenko (Zaporozhye region)

2. Sofia Panasenko (Zaporozhye region)

3. Daria Tarasenko (Zaporozhye region)

Girls up to 50 kg:

1. Ruslana Budjerina (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Victoria Golovyonkina (Kherson region)

3. Anastasia Mironenko (Zaporozhye region)

Amina Goncharenko (Zaporozhye region)

Girls up to 55 kg:

1. Valentina Burduzha (Kherson region)

2. Valeria Salkutsan (Zaporozhye region)

3. Anastasia Lyutikova (Zaporozhye region)

Girls up to 62 kg:

1. Dara Gotvianskaya (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Neonila Kutsenko (Zaporozhye region)

3. Anastasia Mashko (Zaporozhye region)

Ekaterina Panasenko (Zaporozhye region)

Girls up to 70 kg:

1. Karina Babenkova (Zaporozhye region)

2. Anastasia Pshenichnikova (Zaporozhye region)

3. Olga Voropay (Kherson region)

Boys up to 40 kg:

1. Ivan Shmaida (Kherson region)

2. Dmitriy Ishuk (Zaporozhye region)

3. Yaroslav Bas (Zaporozhye region)

3. Aleksander Babenkov (Zaporozhye region)

Boys up to 49 kg:

1. Danil Kunakh (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Ruslan Avagyan (Zaporozhye region)

3. Denis Kukharov (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Mark Melnikov (Dnipropetrovsk region)

Boys up to 54 kg:

1. Sergey Dyakov (Kherson region)

2. Sergey Ermolenko (Zaporozhye region)

3. Egor Kushnariov (Zaporozhye region)

3. Vladislav Lysenko (Херсонская)

Boys up to 59 kg:

1. Gennaidy Kilevoy (Kherson region)

2. Vladimir Nazarevich (Kherson region)

3. Murad Aliev (Kherson region)

Erik Telemenko (Kherson region)

Boys up to 65 kg:

1. Ilya Poddubnyi (Zaporozhye region)

2. Dmitriy Shulyak (Zaporozhye region)

3. Andrey Ushakov (Zaporozhye region)

3. Evgeniy Beloushenko (Zaporozhye region)

Boys up to 72 kg:

1. Aleksey Kabanov (Zaporozhye region)

2. Nikolay Ovdienko (Zaporozhye region)

3. Nikita Kulikov (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Dmitriy Kramarenko (Kherson region)

Boys up to 80 kg:

1. Danil Kravets (Zaporozhye region)

2. Danil Rebriy (Kherson region)

3. Evgeniy Shulilin (Zaporozhye region)

3. Stanislav Turevich (Zaporozhye region)


Boys up to 90 kg:

1. Kirill Pavlichenko (Zaporozhye region)

2. Ismail Burkhanov (Kherson region)

3. Oleg Ivanyuk (Zaporozhye region)

3. Danil Sukhetskiy (Zaporozhye region)

Junior girls up to 62 kg:

1. Наталья Токарь (Zaporozhye region)

2. Карина Шакалова (Zaporozhye region)

Junior girls 70+ kg:

1. Arina Fomina (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Natalia Lanets (Zaporozhye region)

3. Yulia Osadchaya (Zaporozhye region)

Juniors up to 59 kg:

1. Pavel Sharapenko (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Anton Nikolenko (Zaporozhye region)

3. Aleksandr Ishenko (Zaporozhye region)

Juniors up to 72 kg:

1. Stanislav Bocharov (Zaporozhye region)

2. Anatoliy Kobzev (Zaporozhye region)

3. Oleg Zavgorodniy (Zaporozhye region)

Andrey Romashenko (Dnipropetrovsk region)

Juniors up to 80 kg:

1. Nikita Starovoyt (Zaporozhye region)

2. Maksim Lukash (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Evgeniy Lysak (Zaporozhye region)

Juniors up to 90 kg:

1. Nikolay Bazarnyi (Kherson region)

2. Dmitriy Kutsov (Zaporozhye region)

3. Oleg Selezen (Zaporozhye region)

Juniors 90+ kg:

1. Kirill Muravyov (Zaporozhye region)

2. Stanislav Oguy (Zaporozhye region)

Women up to 65 kg:

1. Aleksandra Shvets (Kherson region)

2. Yulia Lebedenko (Zaporozhye region)

3. Olga Tarasenko (Zaporozhye region)

Anstasia Kutsaeva (Zaporozhye region)

Men up to 80 kg:

1. Aleksey Kushnir (Zaporozhye region)

2. Konstantin Shvets (Kherson region)

3. Vladislav Bondarenko (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Aleksandr Mishenko (Zaporozhye region)

Men up to 90 kg:

1. Vladimir Mostovoy (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Dmitriy Grunskiy (Dnipropetrovsk region)

3. Anatoliy Bas (Zaporozhye region)

3. Vitaliy Derevyankin (Zaporozhye region)

Men up to 105 kg:

1. Viacheskav Tesliuk (Dnipropetrovsk region)

2. Dmitriy Besedin (Zaporozhye region)



Author: Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine Press
Number of shows: 1282
Country:  Ukraine
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