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Alexandr Akimov: I am sure that we still have many important events ahead, Mr Odd Haugen!


Dear Mr Odd HAUGEN!

On behalf of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation and on my own behalf let me congratulate you with your anniversary!
You are, without a doubt, one of the key figures in World Mas-Wrestling.
I express my sincere gratitude to you for your invaluable contribution to the development and promotion of mas-wrestling.
Your dedication to our common cause and professionalism delight us all.
Thank you for your great work, spreading an amazing atmosphere of friendship and peace all over the world!
You are incredible and legendary person and a real role model for the next generation!
You and I are almost the same age and you know for sure that age is just a number. I am sure that we still have many important things ahead!
I wish you great health and excellent results in all your dealings, my dear friend!

Vice-chairman of the Committee of the Council of Federation, 

Chairman of the Arctic and Antarctica Council under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, 

President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation

  Alexander AKIMOV

Author: IMWF Press
Photo: IMWF Press
Number of shows: 1163
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