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The 1st Mas Wrestling Championship of Chile was held in Santiago, San Berardo District

The Municipality and Department of Sports of San Bernardo supported Mas-Wrestling Championship, which gather more 42 athletes from all over the country.

The 1st MAS WRESTLING National Championship in Chile - 2020 started 13 pm on February 15.  This is the first national event of mas-wrestling in our country, authorized by the International Mas Wrestling Federation.

It was a sports day endorsed by the Illustrious Municipality of San Bernardo, with direct authorization from Ms. Mayor Nora Cuevas Contreras and the joint work of the Director of DIDECO Ms. Isabel Gálvez, the Sports Director Don Nicolas Lorca P. and the San Bernardo Communications Department.  Mas-wrestling championship began with the participation of 40 athletes (men and women) from various parts of the country such as Illapel, Osorno, Talca, and several communes in the metropolitan region. 

The Official Judges for this event were: Fabian Mena, Professor of Physical Education, Ultra Marathoner and Official Judge of Mas Wrestling, Strongman, Static Monster and Highland Games. Luis Leonardo Sandoval, Physical Trainer and Coach of Athletes of strength competition athletes, official Judge of Mas Wrestling. 

The categories were: Women: absolute category. Mens: up to 80 kg, up to 90 kg, up to 105 kg and absolute. 

Author: Chile Mas-Wrestling Federation Press
Photo: Chile Mas-Wrestling Federation Press
Number of shows: 283
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