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Tim Sowards: I have complete respect for every athlete!

Tim Sowards from USA is looking over his competition in the upcoming 2020 Rogue Arnold Classic MAS-wrestling Championship.
"I will be competing against some of the toughest men on the planet.
I have complete respect for every athlete! These men have competed not only in MAS-wrestling but many other strength sports. These men are at the top in the world whether it be WSL, MAS-wrestling etc.
I am stronger than I have ever been. My grip is on point and I will go in the power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I pray that all athletes will be injury free and ready to battle.
Tournament LINE-UP for 2020 Rogue Fitness Arnold Classic International MAS Wrestling Championship".

Men's 125 kg
Campbell Judy 115 USA, Wv
David "Troy"Abott 118 USA, Wv
Svyatoslav Popovich 120 USA, Ca
JT (Tim) Sowards 121 USA. Oh
Thomas Sroka 125 USA, Il
Mike Lindtoft 126 Denmark
Devonta Montgomery 125 USA., Ky
Michael Stroozas 125 USA, Mn
Eddy Graham 123 USA, Ky

Men's 125+ kg  
Mike Nease 134 USA, Tn
Jonathan Lane 140 USA, Az
Ryan Korner 140 USA
Artur Malucha 140 Poland
Adam Turner 140 USA, In
Matthew McDougal 161 USA, Va
Ulice Payne III 180 USA, Wi

Number of shows: 986
Country:  United States of America
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