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International Mas-Wrestling Tournament in USA was held at empty stands


ROGUE® Arnold Classic Championship International Mas-Wrestling Tournament was held from March 6 to 7, in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

This year, Arnold’s Festival was held in an unusual format. Due to the fear of the spread of coronavirus infection just a few days before the opening of the great sports exhibition, was made an unprecedented decision by the state and city authorities to prevent spectators fr om entering the competition venue.

Let us recall that every year this event gathers 22,000 participants fr om 80 countries and tens of thousands of visitors from all around the world. This year was no exception. The expected influx of the same number of spectators was guaranteed. Entrance tickets started selling ahead of time. But everything went wrong. And as a result of this decision, the city lost more than $ 50 million of loss.

In his video message, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that people's health is more important than financial profit. In connection with this situation, changes were made to the formats of all competitions, not excluding our tournament. Matches of Mas-Wrestling were held without the usual platform in a huge hall, wh ere before it was crowd of people. This time it was unusually empty and deserted. But all the same, participants of other competitions taking place nearby gathered around our site.

The grand opening of the tournament was glossed over by Anna Savvina’s Yakut welcoming “toyuk” and playing on the “khomus”. On behalf of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, for special services in promotion of Mas-Wrestling in the World and in honor of the 70th anniversary, Odd Haugen was awarded the silver medal of the exclusive design of the “Kierge” jewelry company.

Competitions were held in five weight categories - men in four, and women had an absolute weight category. Unfortunately, it has already become a tradition that many strong participants do not get entry visas and fights take place mainly among Americans from different states. Nevertheless, this year, there were also athletes from Benin, Denmark, Canada, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. Everyone was well prepared, challenging each other everyone was ready for a serious struggle.

Andrew Bolinger from Canada became a champion in weight category up to 90 kg. He was a participant on the first International Tournament “Cup of Kolmar” in Vladivostok. Now he actively promoting Mas-Wrestling in Calgary, training young people and has a lot of plans for the future.

In weight category up to 105 kg, the expected winner was Jared Trimble from Indiana, who showed excellent results last year, but freshman Jacob Danko from Michigan blocked his path.

A serious struggle flared up in the following category - up to 125 kg. Dane Mike Lindtoft, who took part in the Mas-Wrestling competition for the first time in Saudi Arabia, specially prepared for this prestigious tournament and was determined to take the most decisive actions to win. Positioning himself as a Viking, he spent all the fights very rapid and deservedly put on the winner’s belt. Upon returning home, Mike plans to start coaching his friends and wants to host a tournament in his favorite sport.

In the heavyweight category there was no equal to Ulice Payne III from Wisconsin, who was invincible here last year too. Ulice also was a participant of “Cup of Kolmar” wh ere he reached the final and fought with Ivan Galkin from Russian Kaluga. The silver medalist Michael Stroozas took part defending the honor of the United States in the Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship in Riyadh. He came to Columbus with his soulmate Nicole, which also entered the top three winners.

Among women, Nicole Higham from Indianapolis impressed us again. The day before, she suffered a severe finger injury, which would not allow others even to think about competitions. But not Nicole. The girl is struggling with a serious illness and her resistance, courage and a positive attitude gives an example. May say, her moral and will helped her to won the silver of the international tournament. About Nicole Higham will be told in a documentary about the Mas-Wrestling development in the United States. This supergirl is worthy to be known around the world.

Thanks to "Railways of Yakutia" for their help in filming the documentary.

The competition was assisted by the Grand Jury consisting of:

1. Lena Tomskaya, Russia - Technical delegate of IMWF

2. Odd Erling Haugen, USA - Chief Referee

3. Mikhail Pakhomov, Russia - Chief Secretary

4. Egor Ermolaev, Russia - Head of platform

5. Chad Clark, USA - Arbitrator (Referee on the platform)

6. John O'Connor, USA - Arbitrator (Referee on the platform)

7. Junaid Ijaz, Pakistan - Arbitrator (Referee on the platform)

Champions and prizewinners of the 2020 ROGUE® Arnold Classic Championship International MAS Wrestling Tournament.

90 kg

1. Andrew Bolinger. Canada

2. Salman Aqeel Butt. Pakistan

3. Phil Sturner. USA, Ca

105 kg

1. Jacob Danko. USA, Mi

2. Jared Trimble. USA, IN

3. Lee Martin. USA, Ca

125 kg

1. Mike Lindtoft. Denmark

2. Michael Stroozas. USA, Mn

3. Thomas Sroka. USA, Il

125+ kg

1. Ulice Payne III. USA, Wisc

2. Leo Dicesants. USA, Ga

3. Ryan Korner. USA

Women`s absolute

1. Nikita Marzano. USA, De

2. Nicole Higham. USA, In

3. Nicole Stroozas. USA, Mn

The first event of the Calendar of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation sport events-2020 was completed. This year, unfortunately, began with the cancellation of some international competitions. There are different objective reasons for this. But now, we face a real threat, we can openly say that it is deadly. Let us still hope for the best. Take care of yourselves.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 608
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