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Jared Trimble, USA: It’s kind of almost like family, you know everybody and everybody knows you

We are starting publish a series of blitz interviews with participants of the International mas-wrestling tournament as a part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, which took place in unprecedented conditions in Columbus, USA.

These days, we are seeing an alarming situation in the United States due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

Yes, on the eve of the Arnold Sports Festival there were certain doubts as to whether the competitions would take place in principle. In order to minimize losses, an unprecedented decision was made to conduct part of the competition without a spectator audience.

Then the insidious virus has not yet shown its terrible face. The organizers took only preventive measures. Still, everyone walked quite freely and hugged actively, as is always customary with us.

In order to support our American friends in these difficult days and to look to the future with hope, we decided to put on the site an interview with some competitors. Look at how positive and friendly they are, despite the fact that they have just fought in earnest to win.

Special thanks to the interviewer and my colleague Lee David Martin fr om Los Angeles, California, who represented International Mas-Wrestling Federation Media Team.

Unfortunately, operators from Russia could not overcome the visa barrier and therefore had to resort to the help of their African colleagues. Thanks to Jessica Gaona and her boyfriend Frank.

So, we begin to get acquainted.

Jared Trimble takes part in a traditional Columbus Tournament last year. And immediately attracted attention with its data. It was clear that he was our guy in spirit, that he liked mas-wrestling.

Lee Martin: I’m Lee from IMWF.

Jared Trimble: Hi Lee, I’m Jared Trimble from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Lee: How did you find out about Mas-Wrestling?

Jared: So, John O’Connor, the owner of Stout Barbell, he got a hold a few of us about a year-and-a-half ago and said: “Hey! Got this new to us, old to everybody else sport, you know that we want you to try out”

Lee: Yep. What do you love about it?

Jared: That was it from there. A lot of these, other sports you get into and just like were here to lift and then we go.  But it’s kind of like almost like family. You know everybody and everybody knows you. I really like that you are going against someone else you know. I am used to Strongman wh ere it’s just you against the implement, you actually get a test your strength and your will against another person.

Lee: Ok, thank you for taking the time!

Jared: Appreciate it!

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Country:  United States of America
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