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Kikki Berli-Johnsen: We look forward to 2021. We do not like 2020 anymore

Mas-Wrestling Viking Challenge International Tournament in Norway postponed. New dates of Fefor Power Week 2021 are July 16 - 25.

It is with a heavy heart that I hereby inform all athletes, crew and sponsors Mas-Wrestling Viking Challenge International Tournament in Norway postponed.

There are several reasons for this being the only possible outcome of the situation:

- Until the 15th of June, gatherings of more than 5 people is not allowed in Norway. There are signals fr om authorities that these rules regarding “crowds” will be kept similar until August/September. This makes it difficult to ensure sponsors, athletes and fans that FPW will be allowed to go on as planned. It takes a naïve optimist to believe that the regulations will go fr om “maximum 5” to the “maximum 200” we need for FPW.

- FPW is an international event, where most athletes are from other countries. Most referees and some crew members are also foreigners. The uncertainty surrounding travel bans and the different stages of the pandemic in different countries makes it difficult to ensure a safe production of the quality needed.

- The hotel is still shut down, as are all other similar businesses. With people refraining from travelling and booking, it is not certain that the hotel is able to run at full steam just to accommodate athletes and crew. That will for sure push the venue a step closer to bankruptcy.

- Even if some countries claim to be in control of the situation, we do not know if July will be better or worse in the regard of the spread of the Corona-virus. This uncertainty makes it impossible for us to promise sponsors and partners the full effect of FPW.

So, all this, and other bumps in the road caused by the ongoing virus-situation forces us to cancel.

If you have booked room for this year’s FPW and you know already now that you will be a part of the awesomeness next year, just send an email to the hotel ( wh ere you tell them that you will move your room reservation to next year.

Number of shows: 715
Country:  Norway
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