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Cristiano Renner: Actually, we are stronger than we think, and fear cannot subjugate us

We continue to get acquainted. Today, I have the honor to introduce you to my friend from South America.  What distinguishes him from the others? Read it.

Cristiano Renner is 34. Not married. Works as a logistics specialist and lives in the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, which borders Uruguay.

Brazilian athlete has been engaged in Mas-Wrestling and strength sports - Powerlifting and Strongman since 2013. His weight category is up to 90 kg. He managed to win several titles in his weight category - he won the Arnold Classic tournament three times. He became the bronze medalist of the continental championship in Uruguay. In addition, he participated in many Mas-Wrestling competitions, the most significant of which was the World Championship in Yakutsk in 2018.

Since March, Brazil, as well as around the world, has a strict isolation regime. Movement around the city is limited - you can only go to the grocery store and pharmacies. The most populated city of Brazil - São Paulo is the most affected. In the town of Caxias do Sul, where our hero lives, fortunately only a few are infected.

It is difficult for Cristiano to sit at home within four walls like no other, because he, besides strength sports, is also keen on extreme sports. His photos fr om various exotic locales are breathtaking and admirable.

“In order to take a break from work and hard training,” Cristiano shares, “I love traveling in nature, trekking, climbing, rope descent at waterfalls and much more.

I believe that unity with nature, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and extreme sports can strengthen my spirit and self-awareness. I also like helping others with it. Actually, we are stronger than we think, and fear cannot subjugate us even in unimaginable situations. In addition, I want to emphasize that this kind of activity helps to fight stress and anxiety, and helps to strengthen muscles. This practice of high-altitude adventures with an adrenaline rush accustoms responsibility and the use of professional appropriate equipment, and teaches to value your life as the most valuable.”

Taking this opportunity, we invite all of our friends who became interested in his hobbies to Cristiano Renner's Instagram @cristianorenner, wh ere you can learn more about his sporting life and high-altitude adventures.

Follow Cristiano. And may the heights be yours!

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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Country:  Brazil
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