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Sergey Frolkin: My family is my pillar

Great news came from the Russian Ministry of Sports, which very quickly flew all over the country - by order of the Minister Oleg Matytsin, two Russian athletes from Yakutia were awarded the sports title of Master of Sports of the International class. And now we are in a hurry to share it with the entire world community.

Great news came fr om the Russian Ministry of Sports of Russia, which very quickly flew all over the country - by order of the Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin, two Russian athletes fr om Yakutia were awarded the sports title of Master of Sports of the International class. And now we are in a hurry to share it with the entire world community.

Sergey Konstantinov and Sergey Frolkin became the first in history to be awarded the title of Masters of Sports of International class in Mas-Wrestling.

Sergey Frolkin gave us his comments:

«This is a very high achievement for me. At the moment, it is the highest rank in the world of Mas-Wrestling. I could not even think that I would be one of the first to be awarded such a high rank.

I’m very happy with my new status. At the same time, this is now obliging a lot. This is very responsible for me. I got super-motivated for future competitions, as they say. I will need to train more and develop more in all aspects to proudly and worthily carry a new title.

On my way to this peak, I was supported first by my family: father – Oleg Frolkin, mother – Tatyana Vorogushina, my wife Marina and two sons – Evgeniy and Viktor.

My family is my pillar. My home is a place where they are waiting for me and always welcome. I know I can count on their support, for better or for worse. My family has always been there for me in the moments of my ups and downs. The path of athletes is often difficult. To rise high, you have to go through a lot of challenges. And now I’m just happy!

Nor can I fail to thank my first coach – Yevgeniy Sivtsev. He undoubtedly made a huge contribution to my growth. He was just my first mentor who opened the door for me to the world of Mas-Wrestling. That’s where it all started.

I express my deep gratitude with all my heart to my coach Viktor Dokalov, who really inspires me to win.

I thank my colleagues wh ere I work - «Center of sports and culture «ALROSA».

Special thanks to the Head of Tomponsky disctrict Yakov Stepanov. Defending the honor of the country, I always mentally imagine my small homeland - my native district.

And, of course, many thanks to the Republican Center of National Sports named after Vasiliy Manchaary wh ere I often train and have support.”

In turn, we join in the many congratulations addressed to Sergey Frolkin.

He is a graduate of the famous Churapchinsky Republican Sports School named after Dmitry Korkin. He received his higher education at the Yakut State Agricultural Academy. 

Since childhood Sergei was fond of sports – boxing and playing volleyball.

Literally before our eyes, Sergey Frolkin turned from a lanky long-legged guy into a powerful Bootur, entering now the tops of the world Mas-Wrestling.

His first taste of victory was in 2014. Then, unexpectedly for everyone, he rose to the top of the pedestal of the international tournament in memory of the Olympic champion Roman Dmitriev, in which many famous athletes performed. Since then his name is well known.

Sergey has visited different countries of Asia and Europe and across the Ocean too. He is now known far beyond our country. And almost everyone was surprised by his physical parameters. After all, outwardly he is very different from the local, smaller people.

The thing is, he’s a child of an international family. His parents met in Tashkent. His father, Russian by nationality, fell in love with a Yakut beauty. At the end of her studies, Tatyana returned to her district and “Romeo” from Uzbekistan followed her. Since then, the happy couple has not parted. They gave birth and raised four wonderful children. The family is also proud of their daughter, the beautiful Snezhana, who, as a student, won the title of the I Vice-Miss at the Republican beauty contest.

Great family, high achievements in favorite sport, respect from friends, what else does a young man need to be happy with his whole life ahead of him? Just wish him good health. Him and all his loved ones. This is particularly relevant in these difficult times.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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