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Latvian Arkan Challenge BATTLE of GENERATIONS

Don’t be sad, just do push-ups. Take part in charity online competition ARKAN challenge – BATTLE of GENERATIONS.

Today, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of sporting events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely.

“Don’t be sad, just do push-ups. Take part in charity online push-ups competition ARKAN challenge – BATTLE of GENERATIONS”, - call upon the Latvian Mas-Wrestling Federation and charitable organization “”, whose leaders are Vitaly Dubov and Victoria Boeva. The project is supported by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Anyone can take part in the project. All you need is to make a video of good quality. In doing so, you have to make the maximum number of horizontal push-ups from the floor or any other point in front of the camera. Then post the video in the group of «ARKAN Challenge - BATTLE of GENERATIONS».

After posting your video in the group of «ARKAN Challenge - BATTLE of GENERATIONS» you will receive the diploma of the participant.

Your result will be included in the competition protocol in the respective age category:

40-s generation - 1940-1949;

50-s generation - 1950-1959;

60-s generation - 1960-1969;

70-s generation - 1970-1979;

80-s generation - 1980-1989;

90-s generation - 1990-1999;

00-th generation (2000-2009);

10-th generation - 2010-2019.

On July 15, 2020 will be summed up and the winners will be determined both in the team classification "Generation of WINNERS" and in the individual. Top three best results in each generation category will be scored.

Rules for doing push-ups:

Starting position: lay down, hands shoulder-width apart, fingers pointing forward or clenched into a fist, elbows at an angle of not more than 45 degrees. Body as straight as possible: shoulders, body and legs shall be as one level line, with no bends and elevations. The legs are slightly apart.

Bend your arms to lower the body and touch the floor with your chest. Return to starting position, fully straightened your hands. It is important to fix the position of the body for half a second, then continue the exercise.

An exercise cannot be counted if:

• elbows at an angle greater than 45 degrees;

• if you touch the floor with your knees or other parts of the body;

• there are violations of the direct position of the body;

• the body does not fix after straightening the arms;

• the chest does not touch the floor or the contact platform;

• extension of arms is asynchronous.

Within of the project there is also a charity event «Help Hand» directed to help the homeless to acquire personal prevention equipment from COVID-19 (masks, sanitizers).

Organization details for donations:

Biedrība “”

Registration Nr. 40008254249


Account: LV21HABA055104229930

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 658
Country:  Latvia
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