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Mas-wrestlers of the world congratulate the Yakutians with Ysyakh!

These days, when the world is torn by serious racial passions, the mas-wrestlers of the world set an example of unity and friendship between nations.

This year, on the initiative of the President of the International Mas-wrestling Federation, Senator Mr Alexander Akimov, the next world championship was to be held in Yakutsk during the Ysyakh holiday in the area of ​​Us Khatyn. All foreign participants were looking forward to this event, because they know firsthand about the hospitality of our people. 
Upon learning that this year the Yakutians for the first time in history will not be able to get together for their New Year, the mas-wrestlers of the world, despite the isolation regime, decided to support the Yakutians and send their sincere congratulations.
The initiator of this action is a member of the Mas-Film Studio Team of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Lee David Martin from the United States. Great thanks!

Lee David Martin, IMWF Media - USA
Hi, I am Lee Martin - a member of the Mas-Film Studio Team, part of the International Mas Wrestling Federation.
It`s my pleasure and honor to get to welcome the people of Yakutia all the way from California.
The Mas-Film Studio Team has set out across the globe to capture the growth of Mas-Wrestling. We’re doing this as a way to honor the homeland of our favorite sport.
Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Vladivostok to compete in the Kolmar Mas-Wrestling Cup of 2019. When I first arrived, I was met with about 15 men from other countries, the best of the best in Mas-Wrestling, who were standing the same room sizing each other up. It was tense to say the least but I witnessed firsthand how the sport of Mas-Wrestling can take those 15 men and turn them into brothers in a matter of days. We couldn’t even speak the same language but by the end of that contest we were should to shoulder singing the same songs, learning each other’s songs.
And in December when the Mas-Film Studio Team traveled to Pakistan we got to see something incredible. The growth of that sport has been the birth of dreams of so many people. Thousands upon thousands of men women and children have tried Mas Wrestling and its incredible their lives are changed by it. These people fall in love with this sport and the Yakutian people.
You have something special and I desire to see that sport travel across the whole world. I wanna see everybody get a chance to try it and I wanna see everybody get a chance for glory and honor that you can earn with your body on the Mas board.
Well, there’s no doubt about it - Mas-Wrestling has become a global phenomenon. And the Yakutian people, you’re the ones who deserve the pride, it’s your sport, your traditions that everyone is falling in love with.
God Bless you all. I wish you all good weather, strong health and enjoy the show.
I wanna take a minute to thank my friends and team - Nikolai Petrov, Maxim Sukhanov, Viktor Olesov and Lena Tomskaya. I appreciate you, guys, and the work we’ve done together has been amazing.


New Zealand - Carl Justin Waitoa,  IMWF Vice-President 

Tena Koutou! (Hello to all!)

My name is Carl Waitoa from New Zealand. I am a Vice-President and organizer of Mas-Wrestling Oceania. 

What I love about Mas-Wrestling? It is the generosity, the kindness, the friendship and culture in Yakutia. And one day it will be an Olympic sport.

Congratulations to Mr Aisen Nikolaev - the Head of the Sakha Republic and Mr Alexander Akimov - IMWF President

Uruy! Aikhal!

Australia, Brisbane, Queensland - Tim O`Sea

Dear friends!

In 2018, I travelled to your beautiful country for the Mas-wrestling World Championships.  I got to see your beautiful nation in wintertime.

This year I had planned to travel back for the national holiday Ysyakh.  I was excited to see wildflowers across the plains and to celebrate the unity of the nation with my Yakut friends.

Sadly, this is not possible this year.  I would like to convey my warmest wishes for the national day, to the Head of the Sakha Republic, Mr Nikolaev, to the president of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Mr Akimov and to all the Yakut people. Uruy – Aikhal!


Bangladesh - Md Nazrul Islam Khan, Honorable President of Bangladesh Mas-Wresting Association 

I am MD. Nazrul Islam Khan. President Bangladesh Mas-Wrestling Association from a beautiful country Bangladesh. Hopefully next summer I will participate in Ohuokhai Ungkuu and Kymys. I wish peace and prosperities of great people of Sakha Sire on the occasion of Ysyakh.

Uruy-Aikhal! Ysyakh.

Kazakhstan - Talap Imataliev, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Kazakhstan

Dear friends!

From all the Kazakh people I congratulate the brotherly people of Sakha on the great holiday of Issykh!

We thank the people of Sakha for bringing mas-tartyhyy to the whole world! Forward mas-wrestling!

Glory to the people of Sakha!

Kyrgyzstan - Iskender Alymbekov, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Kyrgyzstan

For the first time in 2017 I was lucky to take part in the Manchaary Games. It was very beautiful, interesting. It went like a mini Olympics and I left glorious Yakutia with great pleasant impressions!

We are united by a soul, a soul that supports the prosperity of the game of ancestors. We are always with you! Merging with nature, let you be embraced by new ideas, may there be peace in the entire universe, we wish you great happiness, love and health!

Happy holiday to you! All together! Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Tuskul!

Mongolia - Erdenevaanchig Batbaatar, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Mongolia

On behalf of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Mongolia, I sincerely congratulate the Yakut people on the occasion of Ysyakh!

Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal! 

Pakistan - Nawab Furqan Khan, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Pakistan

My name is Furqan Ahmad Khan President Pakistan Mas-Wrestling Federation.

I have been in Yakutsk two times in my whole life and wish to visit again soon. The people of Yakutsk are the most hospitable people I have ever met in my life. During my visits abroad I take this opportunity of joy and legitimate pride to convey my willingness to continue working to promote our relationship of friendship and cooperation that happily unite our two countries and people.

On behalf of the Government of Pakistan and from my side please accept my sincere congratulations on Yakut National Holiday called Ysyakh and my wishes for peace and prosperity to the brotherly and friendly people of Yakutia.

Uruy! Aikhal! Uruy! Aikhal!

Spasiba! (Thank you!)

Philippines - Rhon Palmera, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Philippines

Hello everyone!

Mr. Rhon Palmera here from Philippines Mas-Wrestling.

In respect to my Yakutian brothers, sisters and friends let me greet all of you Happy Ysyakh or your Yakutian national holiday!

One the best sporting events experiences we had was during the time when we participated in Yakutsk, Russia for the first ever Mas-Wrestling World Championship. To all of you - Happy Ysakh!


Mabuhay Po Kayong Lahat! (in Philippino language means Long Live!)

Tajikistan - Jamaliddin Karimov, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Tajikistan

I am very fond of mas-wrestling.  I have repeatedly held tournaments as part of festivals and mas-wrestling championships.

At the moment we are preparing the youth team of the Republic of Tajikistan for the participation in the 1st Games of the CIS countries.

I would like to congratulate the people of Yakutia on the national holiday and wish them happiness and prosperity. 

Turkmenistan - Begench Rejepov, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Turkmenistan

Dear Yakutians!

On behalf of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Turkmenistan, I want to congratulate you on the upcoming bright Ysyakh holiday.

Ysyakh is a celebration of the triumph of nature, the continuation of life, rebirth and abundance.

Let this day strengthen in your hearts the brightest and purest thoughts. Let this holiday strengthen your faith in a brighter future, give you all happiness and prosperity, and enrich your hearts with kindness, joy and love!

Happy holiday to you!           

Uzbekistan - Ilgam Kadyrov, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Uzbekistan


Dear friends and people of Sakha Yakutia

I take this opportunity to congratulate you and the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on the day of the national holiday Ysyakh from all mas-wrestling fans of Uzbekistan.

We are united by everyone your favorite sport - mas-wrestling, which our people love and actively takes part in all international tournaments in this sport.

We sincerely wish everyone good health, success in all endeavors, happiness, joy and prosperity, peace and goodness!

Happy holiday, dear friends!


Japan - Mizuki Toyota

I'm Mizuki Toyota - Japan

I offer you my hearty congratulationsю Celebrate the holidays Ysyakh

Mas wrestling is a great sportю Very exciting 

Good luck and more power!

Sakha Sire! Bary biirge! Uruy! Aikhal!


Benin - Hassane Fousseni Nadey

My Name Hassane Fousseni Nadey. I am Benin Mas-wrestling Technical Director.

For this special Holiday of Yakutia Republic let us join with Yakutia people to say Happy Greetings to my best friend Vladislav Korotov, athletes and IMWF members.

Madagascar - Herilala Rakotoniaina, Gael Ravelotsalama, Jehane Ralainoa, Tojo Ranarivelo, Kaajy Mpahendrena, Dix

Greetings to the people of Yakutia!

We are mas-wrestlers from Madagascar.

Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal! 


Armenia - Yuri Sakunts 

Good afternoon dear friends!

I, Yuri Sakunts, represent the country of Armenia, the city of Yerevan.

Bary beerge! (All together, Yakut language)

We have strengthened everything in our hearts and good love! I wish you all happiness and love! Absorb life-giving energy!

Prosperity, prosperity to the people of Sakha Sire!  

Bulgaria - Tarek Chteiwi


It`s Tarek from Bulgaria. 

This is my greeting`s video to World Yakutian holiday. It was my pleasure to participate in all mas-wrestling events.

Thank you, Yakutian people, for creating this sport. I would like to wish a lovely holiday and just want to show the very grateful for my experience with all the mas-wrestling competitors. As well big congratulations and thanks to the IMWF for supporting and creating all the events. I love this sport. Thank you.

You can see here some of my success net which makes me very happy and create very. great memories. It`s totally my pleasure to congratulate you.

Uruy! Aikhal! 

Czech Republic - Kamil Szwarts, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Czech Republic

Patric Navara, Algis Skryabin

We congratulate the Yakutians on the Ysyakh holiday and thank the International Mas-Wrestling Federation for their support in this sport.

All together! Uruy-Aikhal! 

Estonia - Marianna Bogdanova

Dear Yakutians!

Yakutia is deep in my heart.  I still remember Yakutia ice cold weather and a warm welcome. You have warmest hearts in the Earth.

Mas-tardyhyy unites people and hearts. I am with you in my heart. Together we are stronger. 

Happy Ysyakh Saka Sire!

Urui! Aikhal! Urui! Aikhal! Urui! Aikhal! 

Bary Beerge! (All together, Yakut language)

Estonia - Sten Karro

Hello, everyone!

I am Stem Karro. I am fron Estonia.

Happy holidays to Yakutia!


Finland - Juha-Vesa Jantti, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Finland


My name is Juha-Vesa Jäntti. I am from Finland.

We wanted to come this year to World Mas-wrestling Championship in Yakutia. But the situation is not very good, so we must be at home. I hope everybody goes well and I hope we see you soon, Yakutia!

Be strong! Be safety! Uruy-Aikhal, Yakutia!

Georgia - Valerii Gulbani, President of the Mas-Wresting Federation of Georgia   

Gomardzhoba from Georgia. I welcome you, our dear Yakut friends, on behalf of the Georgian Mas-Wrestling Federation.

This year we are all preparing with a great enthusiasm to meet you in Yakutia at the 2020 World Championship. Especially knowing that this championship was to be held as part of the special and beautiful for all residents of Sakha-Yakutia - Ysyakh holiday.

Unfortunately, as we learned, because of the current situation in the world, this holiday will not take place this year in Yakutia for the first time in history, and the Yakuts will not be able to get together. Therefore, we will not be able to witness this beautiful holiday.

We hope that in spite of everything the Mas-Wrestling World Championship 2020 will nevertheless take place and we will be able to meet with the whole big Mas-Wrestling family to congratulate each other on many new sports victories.

We will raise the Yakut chorons with the Georgian chacha for the prosperity of Georgia and Yakutia.

Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal! 

Germany - Michael Hermann Manhart

Hello, my friends!

My name is Michael Mannhart from Germany.

Stay strong! Stay together! Hopefully see you next year in Sakha Sire on Mas-Wrestling World Cup.

Uruy-Aikhal! Ysyakh! 

Great Britain - Hanne Bingle Mbe

Hi! My name is Hanne Bingle and I am based in London, Great Britain, wh ere we will be having a demonstration on Mas-Wrestling later this year and then into the new year we will be doing some qualifying competitions ending with the British Championship at the Arnold Classic in Birmingham in October for the first time.

I like to wish the Yakut people greetings on their holiday. I know it is not the same as other years but hopefully next year we can all get together as a big family that Mas-Wrestling is and we can celebrate with you then.

Sakha Sire! Sakha Sire!

Hungary - Henriette Borbely, IMWF Presidium memeber

My name is Henriette Borbely, I am from Hungary.

I want to express my love and recognition to the Sakha people for mas-wrestling. We love it with all our hearts and are happy to gather with the whole world on the mas-wrestling platform.

Happy Ysyakh! Be all healthy and happy! 

Hungary - Tamas Deli

My name is Tamas Deli from Hungary!

Dear my Russian and Yakuts friends!

I want to express my love and recognition to the Sakha people for mas-wrestling. I promise to see you at the World Cup soon!

We are preparing hard!

Be safe! 

Latvia - Arnis Rukmanis, President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Latvia 

Solvita Rukmane, Victoria Dubova, Arthur Zolotykh

Dear Yakutians!

The Latvian Mas-Wrestling Federation cordially congratulates you on the national holiday Ysyakh!

We sincerely wish that, despite all the cataclysms of this year, Ysyakh - 2020 will be remembered to you by vivid impressions, gave a boost of vivacity for the whole year and inspired new successes and achievements!

Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal!   

Lithuania - Antanas Abrutis

I, Antanas Abrutis from Lithuania, congratulate Yakutia on the Ysyakh holiday and convey greetings to all the Yakut people! 

I greet my friends Viktor Dokalov and Sergey Frolkin! Meet you in Yakutia. 


Moldova - Sergiu Myrzenko

My name is Sergiu Myrzenko. I am the president of the Moldavian Power Sports Association.

Congratulations to all on the holiday Ysyakh Olonkho. Sun Holiday. On this occasion I send greetings to Yevgeny Sivtsev, an athlete from Yakutia, and many thanks to the vice-president of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Lena Tomskaya, who always helps us and supports our team.

Mas-tardyhyy. Ysyakh. All together! 

Norway - Stefan Sekej

Yakutsk! Uruy! Aikhal!

This is Stefan Sekej from Mas-Wrestling Norway.

I would like to congradulate you on your day, and I can’t wait to come back!

The Viking is ready! 

Poland - Szymon Niemiec

Hello, Sakha Sire!

My name is Szymon Niemiec, Mas-wrestling Poland.

Congratulations with Ysyakh occasion.

I remember when I was in first time in Jakutsk, I met many good and happy people. I hope that is everything ok and we can soon meet together.

Once again my congratulations! Stay strong!

Uruy! Aikhal! 

Russia - Andrej Markin

Hello, I'm Markin Andrey from Ural, Russia.

My sport is mas-wrestling. I’ve been doing it for nine years. 

Mas-wrestling is a very entertaining sport, with a rich history and an exciting training process.

Mas-wrestling teaches a person not only to be strong and disciplined, but also to be creative in drawing a duel. Do not give away what is rightfully yours and dispute what the other cannot hold.

Hello everyone. My sport is mas-tardyhyу! 

Slovakia - Jana Vaskova, mas-wrestling world champion

Hello my friends from Yakutsk!

My name is Yana Vaskova. I am from Slovakia.

Participating in Mas-Wrestling World Championship in your land was the most wonderful experience for me.

Stay strong! Uruy! 

Ukraine - Valery Gazaev, President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine 

Zviadi Gvenetadze

Dear friends!

Mas-wrestling Federation of Ukraine sincerely congratulates everyone on the holiday Ysyakh! We wish you prosperity, prosperity, all the best!

We could not share the joy of celebration. This is bound to happen.

To all Yakut mas-wrestlers, to the whole multinational people of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - Uruy! Aikhal! Uruy! Aikhal! Uruy! Aikhal -Aikhal-Aikhal!

Ukraine - Alexey Kushnir and Yulia Lebedenko

Hello! I am Kushnir Alexey. I am Julia Lebedenko. We are from Ukraine!

In 2018 we took part in the World Mas-Wrestling Championship in Yakutsk! We really enjoyed!

We want to congratulate all residents of the Republic of Sakha on the national holiday Ysyakh! We wish you all the best!

Uruy! Aikhal! Uruy! Aikhal! Uruy! Aikhal! Aikhal! Aikhal!


USA, California - Odd Erling Haugen, IMWF Vice-President

Good morning from California!

I want to send special from MAS Wrestling USA and North America for the celebration of your mid-summer festival.

I know that the celebration will not be like in years past because of the mitigating measures needed to combat the corona virus.

Nevertheless, I want to send best wishes to my friends and the people of Yakutia, to President Aisen Niokolaev and the my very good friend Aleksander Akimov.

Have great summer, despite virus! 

USA, Minnesota - Ulice Payne III


My name is Ulice from the United States.

Greeting to the people and athletes of Yakutia. Wishing you a great national holiday. I look forward to coming to Yakutsk to compete in the near future and making some amazing memories with friends and competitors.


USA, Indiana - Nicole Higham

Hi everyone!

It`s Nicole Higham from team USA here in America.

I just wanted to say that I'm really sad that I didn't get my first chance to come to Yakutsk this year after the sickness and the Covid shutting everything down.

I am really looking forward to my next opportunity when I get to come and see your beautiful country and spend some time with all of you and all my great friends.

It is a really special time for me when we get together and I get to see the people that I now consider my extended family who have welcomed me into their communities and their cultures and who I truly love with all my heart.

And I also just wanted to say hello to my friends Egor, Mikhail, Lena, and Anna. I really miss you guys and I wish I had gotten the chance to see you again this year but I know that I’ll see you soon! I miss you!!!


USA, Indiana - Jared Trimble

Jared Trimble, United States.

I wanted to send my appreciation to the Yakut people for sharing their culture and bringing the great sport of Mas-Wresrling to the United States and the rest of the world.

I want to wish you a great Ysyakh! (Apologies for the pronounciation.) Thank you all again! 

USA, Illinois - Tom Sroka

Hi everyone, my name is Tom Sroka and I am on Team USA.

I was saddened to hear that we would not be able to make it back to Yakutsk for the MAS Wrestling World Championships. Two years ago I was able to compete with Team USA and the environment, culture, and surrounding community were some of the warmest and most welcoming I’ve seen in a competition. I appreciate the hospitality and cannot wait to come back to Yakutsk.

Until then stay happy, stay healthy, and we all will meet again.

Mas-Wrestling! Sakha Sire! Ysyakh! 


Argentina - Eduardo Domingo Visciglia

Hello my friends in Yakutia!

I am Eduardo Visciglia - strongman from Argentina. The Urso!

I send a big greeting to the International mas-wrestling federation. And to the Federation of russia and Yakutia the following greeting!


Bolivia - Oscar Andres Melgar Rivero 

Hello I Am Oscar Melgar. I am from Bolivia.

I want to send greetings to all the Yakuts people for the Ysyakh holiday. I had the opportunity through Mas-wrestling to get to know about your culture, your people, your city, your athletes and it's all really amazing it's all really beautiful.

Thank you. Uruy-Aikhal! 

Brazil - Vilmar Silva Oliveira, IMWF Vice-President

Hello dear friends!

My name is Vilmar Oliveira. I am responsible for the development of mas-wrestling in South America on behalf of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

I want to congratulate the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Senior Aisen Nikolaev and the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Senior Alexander Akimov.

I also congratulate all the Yakut people. We are here in Brazil and throughout South America we send the sincerest congratulations to the brotherly people of Sakha. Congratulations on Ysyakh! 

Brazil - Cristiano Renner

Hello my friends!

I am Cristiano Renner, a Brazilian Mas-Wrestling athlete.

I am here to congratulate all residents of Yakutia on this special event.

All together! Sakhaland! 

Chile - Manuel Luis Ángulo Jaime, President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Chile  

Hello, I'm Manuel Angulo, the Chilean Mountain. Absolute fighter of Mas --Tardyhyy.

I send an affectionate greeting to the people of Yakutia and to the members and directors of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation in this YSYAKH party. Bary Biirge we will get ahead with the strength of our spirit.

Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal! Uruy-Aikhal, Aikhal, Aikhal!

Uruguay - Rodrigo Gonzales, President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Uruguay 

Hello my name is Rodrigo González. I am from Uruguay.

I remember when I met Yakuts in 2018 and I still delighted for that wonderful land.  

The next summer festival it is coming. As you know this is the main traditional festival of the year. But the currently situation will be impossible the celebration. 

So, I want to say to the all people of Yakuts and my friends Hope, Love and Prosperity.

The International Mas-Wrestling Federation brings thanks to the SAKHA National Broadcasting Company for collaboration. 

Special thanks to Viktor Olesov - specialist of the NBC SAKHA Moscow department and a member of the Mas-Film Studio Team.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 753
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