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Alexander Stafeev, Russia: Mas-Wrestling is a sport of equal opportunities

Alexander Stafeyev of the Ulyanovsk region spoke at the meeting of the Presidium of the AllRussian Mas-Wrestling Federation with information on the topic: Mas-wrestling is a sport of equal opportunities.

In the staged part of his speech, Alexander first of all notes the relevance of the issue:

1. A consistently high proportion of people with special health needs and disabled people;

2. Changing the attitude towards disabled people on the part of the state and society as to its full members, having equal access to all the benefits of civilization;

3. Sport for disabled people becomes a connecting link with the life of healthy people, a means of fighting their illness and social isolation;

4. Disabled sports have very great development prospects. In our country, much attention is paid to this group of the population, their rehabilitation and wheelchair sports as one of the ways to involve people with disabilities in the life of society.

The global goal of mas-wrestling movement among people who have disabilities in physical and mental development, that is, deaf, hearing impaired, blind, visually impaired, severely impaired speech, disorders of the musculoskeletal system and others, including disabled children is including our sport in the program of the highest international competitions among people with disabilities: Deaflympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics.

It is this way that Mas-Wrestling will strengthen its position in the world sports movement and it gives it a better chance to become an Olympic sport.

Alexander gave an example of working with athletes with disabilities in other sports.

For example, All-Russian Arm-Wrestling competitions are held annually among athletes with hearing and visual impairments. In 2020 the XXVI Russian Arm-Wrestling Championship for persons with musculoskeletal disorders was held. The XXII World Championship took place in 2019.

Powerlifting debuted in 1964 at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo under the title Weightlifting. Only men with spinal cord injuries participated in this competition. But over the following years, other groups began to be included. Today this sport boasts hundreds of participants from more than 100 countries. Since 2018 the Russian Federation has been conducting Powerlifting championships among people with intellectual disabilities. Last year XIV World Powerlifting Championship among the blind people was held in Egypt.

The 1st European and World Judo Championships for athletes with visual impairments took place in 1987, and the next, 1988 in Seoul (Korea), the men's judo competition became part of the Paralympic Games. Currently, this sport is practiced internationally in 30 countries.

Since 2016, Russian Judo Championships and Nationals have been held for persons with intellectual disabilities.

People with disabilities also successfully master such sports as swimming, table tennis, athletics, wheelchair basketball, goalball, futsal and many others.

Last year, 35 young people from six municipalities participated in the Championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Mas-Wrestling for young people from special correctional schools with intellectual disabilities.

Summarizing his speech, Alexander Stafeev emphasized that the development of mas-wrestling among the disabled does not require a large material and technical base, its accessibility makes it easier to attract more people with disabilities and, most importantly, the development of Mas-Wrestling among the disabled will give a new impetus to the popularization of the sport, taking it to a whole new level. A truly global level as a sport of equal opportunity for all people in the world.

This proposal was unanimously supported by the leadership of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation. At the same time, the members of the Presidium came to the conclusion that it is necessary to hold tournaments among deaf and hearing impaired students.

We can say that we are on the way to the birth of a new sport with its unique rules, new sports equipment, the training of sign language interpreters and the training of special personnel with knowledge of sign language.

Alexander Stafeev has been appointed responsible for this promising area. Let’s get acquainted.


Stafeev Alexander Igorevich, born in 1985.

Graduated from Ulyanovsk State University.

Qualification - physical education specialist for persons with disabilities (adaptive physical education).

Total work experience in the field of physical culture and sports - 14 years.

Since 2009 he has been working as a coach at Ulyanovsk State University at the Department of Physical Education.

A. Stafeev is constantly working to improve his professional level. Besides the general sports training program for Youth’s sport school, he successfully introduces into his work his own methodical designs and programs, as well as all the latest recommendations on the organization of the training process.

During the period of work Alexander has prepared winners and prizewinners of Russian and international competitions, champions of Volga Federal District, Europe and the world.

Achievements of his athletes:

Arm Wrestling:

1. Volga Federal District, Nizhny Novgorod, 3-5.12.2015

Sharafutdinov Damir - 1st place, Otchik Sergey - 2nd place.

2. Championship of Russia, Ramenskoye, 17-21.02. Feb 2016

Sharafutdinov Damir - 3rd place.

3. All-Russian tournament, Chistopol, August 2016

Sharafutdinov Damir - 1st place, Otchik Sergey - 1st place.

4. World Championship, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 01-10.10.2016

Sharafutdinov Damir - 1st place.

5. World Championship, Budapest, Hungary, 02-11.09.2017

Sharafutdinov Damir - 1st place.

6. Volga Federal District, Nizhny Novgorod, November 24-27, 2017

Father Sergey - 1st place, Sharafutdinov Damir - 2nd place

7. European Championship Sofia, Bulgaria, 25.05-03.06.2018

Sharafutdinov Damir - 2nd place.


Anna Birzhevaya:

- Winner of the World Bench Press Championships 2014-2015;

- Silver medalist of the European Bench Press Championship 2016;

- the absolute winner of the European Bench Press Championships 2017;

- Absolute European champion in classic bench press 2017;

- world champion in bench press 2018, 2019;

- Absolute European champion in bench press in 2018;

- Silver medalist of the World Championship in classic bench press 2018,

- the current European and world record holder in the classic bench press;

- multiple champion and medalist of the Championships of Russia, all-Russian and regional competitions.

Valeria Vlasova is the winner of the 2015 World Classic Powerlifting Championship.

Mansurova Almaza - winner of the 2015 European Powerlifting Championship.

Adaptive sports.

Volkova Svetlana:

- Master of Sports in sports of persons with musculoskeletal disorders;

- champion of Russia in arm wrestling;

- champion of Russia in athletics (shot put) among persons with musculoskeletal disorders

- medalist of the European Championship in arm wrestling among persons with musculoskeletal disorders 2019

Svetlana Klyuchko is a prize-winner of the Russian Athletics Championship among the blind.

Over the years, Alexander Stafeev has prepared: Masters of sports of international class - 2 people, Masters of sport-14 people, A Candidate for master of sports - 37 people.

Alexander regularly participates in the organization and conduct of Armwrestling and Mas-Wrestling competitions at the city, regional and all-Russian levels. He takes an active part in the public life of the city. He participates in the organization of urban sporting events and promotes a healthy lifestyle among the city’s residents.

Alexander has been in Mas-Wrestling since 2013. Over the years, he has shown himself to be an active and bright representative of the sports community of Ulyanovsk.

For his great and personal contribution to the preparation and holding of the 1st TAFISA World Festival of Martial Arts, Alexander Stafeev was awarded a commendation on behalf of the co-chairs of the Russian Union of Martial Arts Sergey Kiriyenko and Yuri Trutnev.

From early publications you can learn a little more about our colleague from Ulyanovsk


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