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Alexander Akimov: Basic principles of Mas-Wrestling are perseverance and sense of purpose. We must not be discouraged!

The President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Alexander K. Akimov held a meeting of the IMWF Presidium. After a long hiatus, the meeting was the first of the year to be held via videoconference.

The meeting was attended by:

1. Alexander K. Akimov, Russia – President;

2. Arnold A. Mokhov, Russia – General Secretary;

3. Alexander Kim-Kimen, Russia – the first Vice-President;

4. Odd Erling Haugen, USA – Vice-President;

5. Vilmar Silva Oliveira, Brazil – Vice-President;

6. Lena Tomskaya, Russia – Vice-President;

7. Igor Alekseev, Russia – Presidium member;

8. Iskender Alymbekov, Kyrgyzstan– Presidium member;

9. Henriette Borbély, Hungary– Presidium member;

10. Valery Gazaev, Ukraine– Presidium member;

11. Mikhail Gulyaev, Russia – Presidium member;

12. Vitaly Dubovs, Latvia – Presidium member;

13. Talap Imataliev, Kazakhstan– Presidium member;

14. Anna Lewandowska, Poland– Presidium member;

15. Artavazd Nalbandyan, Armenia– Presidium member;

16. Omarmukhtar Tamboli, India– Presidium member;

17. Chad Clark, USA – Presidium member;

18. Juha-Vesa Jantti, Finland – Presidium member;

19. Hanne Bingle, United Kingdom;

20. Nurgun Ignatev – IMWF;

21. Vasiliy Protopopov – IMWF;

22. Kyunney Filippova – Interpreter.

“Dear colleagues, dear members of the Presidium! Dear guests! - Mr. Akimov addressed to his colleagues from different countries – I welcome you to our meeting of the Presidium of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation. Before the start of the Presidium meeting, I want to thank you for your invaluable contribution to the formation and development of Mas-Wrestling all over the world!

This year is a very difficult year, for all of us, for the entire planet. It touched us not only with the cancellation of our events that we will go through. This terrible disease struck our loved ones, our families.

I would like to start the meeting with a moment of silence and thereby pay our respects to our recently deceased colleague and friend – Erkinbek Tezekbaev from Kyrgyzstan, vice-president of National Mas-

Wrestling Federation. Erkinbek was an integral part of all significant international Mas-Wrestling competitions. He was a pioneer of Mas-Wrestling not only in Asia but all over the world!” The members of the Presidium paid tribute to their colleague.

“We will miss our friend, and we will always keep his memory in our hearts, - continued Alexander Akimov. - I want to tell you, my friends, that the basic principles of Mas-Wrestling are perseverance, strength and sense of purpose. We must not be discouraged. Remembering the past, our history, our friends, we must firmly carry our banner forward!

I’m sure this disease will be defeated! The world will return to its usual course! We will meet again at the best venues in the world!”

The President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation noted the active position of many members of his organization, but especially highlighted the fruitful work of the Vice-Presidents Mr. Haugen and Signor Oliveira and promised to support their initiatives in the future.

After the President's opening speech, the meeting returned to its usual working course. More on this in the following articles.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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