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2021. What awaits us on the world Mas-Wrestling platforms?

Secretary General of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Arnold Mokhov discussed the list of upcoming international events of the next year.

Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship – June, Yakutsk (Russia)

Mas-Wrestling World Cup - 2021

Mas-Wrestling World Cup I stage - Pyhtaa (Finland).

Mas-Wrestling World Cup II stage - Prague (Czech Republic).

Mas-Wrestling World Cup III stage (Final Stage) - Pakistan (submitted an application).

This means that any national federation can declare and take this stage.

Continental Championships:

European Championship (men, women) – Riga, Latvia (submitted an application);

Mas-Wrestling European Absolute Championship (men, women) – TBD;

Asian Open Championship – Uzbekistan (submitted an application).

North American Open Championship – TBD;

South American Open Championship – TBD;

Open Championship of Australia and Oceania – TBD.

Responsible for continents can make suggestions.

We understand that the situation in the world due to the pandemic is difficult and we don’t know how long it will last. But we will try to keep the same strategy.

Before the 2020 IMWF Congress, which is likely will held via videoconference as well, we should have an idea in which countries will host the continental championships.

International tournaments, presentations:

New Zealend Open Championship, Auckland, New Zealend – date TBD;

International tournament at Arnold Sport Festival USA, Columbus, Ohio, USA – date TBD;

International tournament at Arnold Sport Festival Australia, Melbourne, Australia – date TBD;

International tournament at Arnold Sport Festival South America, Sao Paulo, Brazil – date TBD;

International tournament «Cup of Kolmar», Vladivostok, Russia – date TBD;

Cup of CIS countries among juniors and junior girls within the II Games of the CIS countries, Kazan, Russia – date TBD;

Olympia International tournament, Las Vegas, USA – date TBD;

International tournament at Arnold Sport Festival Europe, Birmingham, Great Britain – October 1-3;

International tournament within the IV World Nomad Games, Turkey – TBD (to be determined);

Presentation tournament among Arctic countries, Nuuk, Greenland, Kingdom of Denmark – TBD (to be determined).

International tournaments and presentations that were not held this year and postponed to 2021:

Mas-Wrestling presentation at the 35th World Festival of Martial Arts, Paris, France, April 2-4 ;

Mas-Wrestling presentation TAFISA World Sport for All Games, Lisboa, Portugal, June 18-21;

Viking Mas-Wrestling Challenge International Tournament at the Fefor Power Week, Fefor, Norway, July 16-25;

International tournament among boys at the Open All Russian Juniors Games of Martial Arts, Anapa, Russia, September - date TBD.

Within these events, will be held training and practical seminars on Mas-Wrestling.

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