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Petr Davydov, Russia: Adaptive Mas-Wrestling is the imperative of our time

On August 17 an online meeting of like-minded people to create a new direction was held - the development of Mas-Wrestling among athletes with disabilities of health.

Who was on the line?

First of all, Alexander Stafeev. Adaptive physical culture and adaptive sports coach. Total work experience in the field of physical culture and sports is 14 years. Since 2009, he has been working as a coach at the Ulyanovsk State Technical University in the Department of Physical Education. He successfully implements his own methodological developments and programs in his work, as well as all the latest recommendations for organizing the training process.

At the meeting of the Presidium of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation held on July 20, Alexander came up with an initiative to start developing adaptive Mas-Wrestling. Colleagues unanimously supported and gave him the opportunity to lead this movement.

Alexander Stafeev immediately contacted regional leaders and collected information on the state of affairs in this area. So what do we have?

Sverdlovsk region - Romeo Sukiasyan carries out work among persons with intellectual disabilities. The coverage is about 50 people from among students of correctional schools.

Saratov region - work is underway with the same contingent.

Chuvash Republic - Alexey Atlaskin is working among the deaf.

Sakha Republic (Yakutia) - held competitions among the blind, deaf and ID (persons with intellectual disabilities).

Ulyanovsk region - work is underway among ID and the deaf.

Over the past period, Alexander has reviewed many documents related to adaptive sports. And he began to prepare the draft rules for adaptive mas-wrestling. The time has come to consult to highly qualified professionals and specialists. And here comes the second character of our online meeting.

Petr Davydov.

There is no doubt about his authority in the field of adaptive sports. It’s a separate layer of story. We’re interested in his relationship to Mas-Wrestling. It is no secret that he was at the origin of the development of Mas-Wrestling in our country. The first videos of the Mas-Wrestling rules were recorded with the refereeing of Pеtr Davydov. His students in Mas-Wrestling have won five Russian championships, four European championships and two world championships. Such names of his students - two-time World Champion Dmitriy Popov and World Cup winner Erchim Bappagay in Mas-Wrestling - speak volumes.

Petr Davydov - Honored Coach of Russia, General Director of the Federation for Adaptive Sports of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Head of the Adaptive Physical Education Department of the Republican Boarding School for Professional and Medical and Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled, coach of the Russian national team in para-powerlifting, head coach of the Republican Center Sport Training in powerlifting.

It’s great that Petr Davydov immediately responded to our request to join our team. Specifically, he said:

“Adaptive Mas-Wrestling is the imperative of our time. There is a great deal of global attention to this category of population. The world community reacts favorably to the creation of conditions for them to engage in physical culture and sports. This primarily helps people with disabilities by facilitating their social integration and physical rehabilitation. 

But as in any sport, in the future, outstanding individuals will discover the sport of the highest achievements. Indeed, the global goal of the development of adaptive Mas-Wrestling is to include our sport in the program of the highest international competitions among people with disabilities - Deaflympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics. It is this way that will strengthen the position of Mas-Wrestling in the world sports movement and give it a better chance of becoming an Olympic sport”.

The third participant of the meeting was Vera Dushkevich - an excellence of physical culture of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), who has many awards for merits in the development of adaptive sports in the republic.

Vera Dushkevich shared her rich experience in communication with various federal departments of sports for the deaf, sports for the blind and ID. And although she is now moving to another job, she promised any help.

For my part, I represented the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

At the meeting of the IMWF Presidium held on August 11, representatives of different countries also positively perceived the decision of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation to develop adaptive Mas-Wrestling. In this regard, President Alexander Akimov instructed to study foreign experience, for which he issued a protocol instruction to create a separate committee.

At the same meeting, President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Armenia Artavazd Nalbandyan had a speech. He told his colleagues that he had already begun work in this direction, that last year he held competitions among the deaf and that there are worthy athletes who can defend the honor of the country on world platforms. For example, Narek Arakelyan even overcomes the titled mas-wrestlers of the country.

The meeting was of an introductory nature. The participants assigned their responsibilities. The main focus will be on developing the required documentation. The prepared draft rules will be submitted to the IMF Scientific and Methodological Committee for evaluation and further presentation to colleagues from abroad.

The goal is to approve the updated International Mas-Wrestling Rules at the IMWF Congress this year and hold a pilot international adaptive Mas-Wrestling tournament next year. Perhaps at one of the stages of the World Cup next year.

I take this opportunity to ask everyone who has experience or desire to work in this field to join the enthusiasts. There is no doubt that this is a very noble beginning, and the more different we are, the stronger we will be.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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