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Viktor Kolibabchuk: If you want to win in Mas-Wrestling, wrestle like a Yakut!

On August 28, by  the order of the Minister of Sports of Russia, Viktor Kolibabchuk was awarded the sports title International class Master of Sports of Russia in Mas-Wrestling.

Despite the fact that Victor is the most titled mas-wrestler in  Russia and seemed to have earned this high title long ago, he had to wait a very long time for this moment. He was terribly worried, although he did not show it. But today he is over the moon. We immediately contacted him and interviewed him. I quote it without cuts:

“Everything started back in 2009 in the city of Vladimir, when I participated in my first Mas-Wrestling Championship of Russia and took second place after Evgeny Sivtsev from Yakutia. In absolute class I lost to well-known Anatoly Baishev. These results gave me the right to compete among the best mas-wrestlers of the country in the city of Vilyuisk at the Russian Championship in the absolute category within the Games of Manchaary.

Before I had a chance to think about it, a blind lot as if on purpose brought me together with the same athletes from Yakutia again. Of course, I lost to both of them. As a result, I managed to take only the eighth place. But it was the beginning of my ascent. It was thanks to their wins and my loss that I began to work on myself. From these two Yakut athletes I learned all the tricks of Mas-Wrestling.

After Vilyuisk event, I had about eight or nine months to prepare for the next Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship. During this time, I got physically stronger, I learned a lot, I refined my mistakes, and at the next championship, which was held in Smolensk, I began to act like a Yakut on the platform, using the same techniques. Techniques that I have worked out many times during training. The result was not long in coming.

I really wanted to show myself in my native land, and I won! And in the absolute class I also showed the first result. Since then I began to deal with Yakut athletes almost equally. We have become true friends. And we shared among ourselves different moments of our common cause. Many thanks to them for this!

I learned everything from them, I emulated them. I even came up with a slogan for myself that I never told anyone before, but now I already can: “If you want to win in Mas-Wrestling, wrestle like a Yakut!” It was my credo.

Of course, words are one thing, but in practice quite another. I can't say that victories were easy and natural for me. On contrary, all bouts with the Yakut athletes took place in a very stubborn and hard struggle. They fought as hard as I did. The power of these fights simply went off scale, but from each fight I managed to catch something for myself, like collecting skills to use next time. I will also say that a share of luck was always needed.

I am immensely grateful to my coach Alexander Usov, who discovered for me Mas-Wrestling and was always there on my way in Mas-Wrestling. A lot of work has been done to prepare me as an athlete. I had to go through a lot. There are a lot of memories.

In these ten years and over, I have visited and seen a lot. I have friends all over the world. I am absolutely happy to walk with them through life, developing my favorite sport.

I used to dream of being a Master of Sports of Russia in Mas-Wrestling. But today I have a double-triple-multiple holiday - I have been awarded the high title International class International level Master of Sports of Russia in Mas-Wrestling! I still can't believe it. This is a great result for any athlete. I'm happy.

I would like to thank all those who helped me along the way in my cherished dream. I thank All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, the Central Sports Administration of Smolensk region and Vyazma Sports Committee! Together we are making history, helping the sport, developing our Mas-Wrestling on the way to Olympus.

Well, let's move on! Only forward!"

Victor Kolibabchuk is a member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation. Always responds to the call to hold master classes for youth. On September 12, he will speak at the Martial Arts Online Forum with the participation of the top officials of the Russian Union of Martial Arts Yuri Trutnev, Sergei Kiriyenko, famous actors Chuck Norris and Vladimir Epifantsev, eminent athletes Nikolai Valuev, Khabib Nurmagomedov and many others. Viktor will be assisted by Moscow mas-wrestlers Evgeny Pikonin, Yegor Degtyarev, Begench Rejepov, Sergei Zotov, Dmitry Vasiliev, artist Maria Belotserkovskaya and the leader Lena Tomskaya.





Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Origami Books
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Country:  Russia
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