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Mas-Wrestling led the martial arts parade in Moscow

On October 16, took place the grand opening of the Moscow Open Student Games of Martial arts. The All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation was granted the honorary right to lead the parade of martial arts.

As a rule, eminent athletes from Yakutia were involved in such presentations as representatives of the homeland of the sport. But the situation has changed due to the pandemic, and they’ve been replaced by new characters. I would like to introduce our heroes to a wide audience.

The sport from Yakutia was presented this time by mas-wrestlers Begench Rejepov, Anna Vaganova, Daria Saltykova, Ayaal Reshetnikov, judge Dmitry Vasiliev, artists Tuyara Chiryaeva, Aital Myrsanov - Khomus Bootur. The head is Lena Tomskaya.

Begench Rejepov is a student at the Moscow State Regional University. Heads the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Turkmenistan. Participant of the Mas-Wrestling World Championship 2018. Winner of the Mas-Wrestling competition at the Moscow Student Games of Martial Arts 2020.

Ayaal Reshetnikov - specialist of the Mas-Wrestling department of the Republican Center of National Sports named after Vasily Manchaary. Job description - document management with the Ministry of Sports of Russia.

Graduated from Moscow State Mining University.

He has been practicing Mas-Wrestling since his student days. Achievements:

3rd place - Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship - 2010, Smolensk

2nd place - Championship of Russia - 2011, Vyazma

1st place Championship of the city of Moscow - 2012.

For the first time, the girls took part in the costume performance. The experience was successful.

Daria Saltykova is a leading public relations specialist at LUKOIL-ENERGOSETI.

Graduated from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University with a degree in Public Relations.

She is engaged in Mas-Wrestling under the coaching of Dmitriy Vasiliev. Achievements:

1st place at the All-Russian mas-wrestling tournament Caucasus Cup, 2020

2nd place at the final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup in Poland, 2019

3rd place in the Championship of Russia, 2019.

She is a multiple winner and prizewinner of all-Russian and regional tournaments.

Daria: We presented Mas-Wrestling at the opening of the Moscow student martial arts games. Thanks for the invitation! Glad to be part of such a team! We performed live on the Yakut khomus - it was mesmerizing.

As a child and student, I performed a lot with dance performances. Now, of course, it’s very rare to get involved in any performance, so I’m happy to take the opportunity. The stage beckons, whoever performed they will understand me.

Mas-Wrestling teaches the ability to react quickly, analyze and make decisions, coordinate and balance, and discipline. And, of course, it keeps you on your toes.

It is also a large and friendly community. Many athletes from different regions have already become good friends. We constantly meet at competitions and festivals, communicate, support each other».

Anna Vaganova«Mas-wrestling? They need to breathe».

She works as a courier. Graduating from the Ural State Pedagogical University. 

The fighting character of this girl was forged in the Urals. She was born in Yekaterinburg. From the age of seven she was engaged in all-around. At the age of 14, she went to women's football. Thanks to her hard work, she got into the Russian junior national football team. Then she started playing futsal and reached the Major League. She plays football to this day. She is also engaged in karate.

She fell in love with Mas-Wrestling as soon as she saw it. Arsen Mangikyan, with whom she worked, introduced to her Mas-Wrestling. Then she contacted the head of the Ural Mas-Wrestling Federation Alexei Kazakov and surprised him with her quick successes.

Anna: «We all became very good friends during all the competitions and became a team. I went to training with Andrei Markin, consulted with Svetlana Tikhonova and Marina Ruban. I have been competing for the Sverdlovsk Region for two years.

My idols are Irina Sevryuk, Natalia Chernogradskaya. They are for me the most top mas-wrestlers. There is someone to look up to.

My main fan is my grandmother Raisa Alekseevna Fomina. She loves all kinds of martial arts, boxing, ultimate fighting, biathlon. And now there is also Mas-Wrestling. I give her my warmest regards!»

The All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation thanks the fellow countrymen for the support of the sports composition (playing the khomus).

Aytal Myrsanov - Khomus Bootur - head of the ethno - Khomus tutula music school, khomus player - improviser, multiple winner of all-Russian and international festivals and competitions.

In the process, we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that Aytal was seriously engaged in Mas-Wrestling. He even took second place at the prestigious Golden Stick competition, which attracts hundreds of participants. We have no doubt that with his physical shape he could have good prospects in Mas-Wrestling. But creativity has taken him up and the khomus led him to the big world. He’s already toured 23 countries around the world, which, of course, is impressive. He has fans and students all over the world.

I don't want waste my time describing his skill. Just listen to his virtuous playing.

Tuyara Chiryaeva is an investor support manager at a financial company. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University. She loves sports and outdoor activities. Interests - investments in securities. Nowadays, in the capital there are few people who can be counted on in terms of organization. «Moscow does not believe in tears». All athletes are directly involved in the competitive program. When we were preparing the Olympic day in Luzhniki, a completely unfamiliar girl came to help us when I just turned to her on social networks. It was Tuyara. We’re really glad she’s on our team now.

The audience for our presentation group responded enthusiastically. Most of all I liked the excitement of the little spectators: “Cool!”, “I liked Mas-Wrestling the most!”, “I would like to try”. Why not a big deal?


Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 334
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