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What does the coming year hold for us?

In 2021, International Mas-Wrestling Federation will celebrate its first anniversary - Mas-Wrestling has been walking around the planet for 10 years. What other events await us next year?

In December the members of the IMWF Presidium will approve the Calendar of international mas-wrestling competitions for 2021 at the next IMWF Congress. We suggest you look at the draft version of it.

Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship can be held in Canada for the first time. The IMWF Vice President Mr. Odd Haugen expressed his approval for this initiative. Our colleagues in this North American country are ready to begin preparations with the approval of our community. The venue will be considered further. Tentative date is August.

Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2021 will consist of three stages:

- the 1st stage - European Open Championship will be held in Pyhtaa, Finland on June 25-28;

- the 2nd stage - Asian Open Championship will be held in Almalyk, Uzbekistan;

- the 3rd the final stage is planned in Moscow, Russia, November 26-29.

Note: with a positive decision to hold the Days of Yakutia in Prague, there may be another stage in the Czech Republic in September.

The European Championship in the absolute category was announced by Latvia. If the European countries express their approval, it will take place, like last year, in the capital of Latvia - Riga, in early June.

The North American Championship will take place on July 10-11 in Los Angeles, California state.

Championship of South America takes Santiago, Chile. TBD.

The Australian and Oceanian Open Championship is planned for Brisbane. Terms are being specified.

Open Championship of New Zealand - Auckland.

A series of international tournaments at the Arnold Sport Festival-2021 is planned:

USA - Columbus, USA, terms to be specified;

Australia - Melbourne, Australia, terms to be specified;

South America - Sao Paulo, Brazil, April, 23-25;

Europe - Birmingham, UK, October, 1-3.

Kolmar Cup International Mas-Wrestling tournament   at the Eastern Economic Forum - Vladivostok, Russia, September.

Viking Mas-Wrestling Challenge International tournament as a part of Fefor Power Week in Fefor, Norway, has been postponed to July 16-25.

Olympia International Mas-Wrestling tournament  in Las Vegas, USA. Terms are being specified.

International tournament within the IV World Nomad Games - Turkey.

For youths the Open All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Competitions among youth will be held as part of the Open All-Russian Youth Games of Martial Arts in the city of Anapa, Russia, September.

World youth will gather for mas-wrestling competitions in Kazan, Russia. The goal is to participate in the Championship of the CIS countries among juniors and junior girls as a part of the I Games of the CIS countries. Terms are being specified.

In addition to competitions, three presentation events are planned for the further development of Mas-Wrestling in Europe:

- in Paris, France, April 2-4 within the 35th World Festival of Martial Arts;

- in Lisbon, Portugal, June 18-21 within the TAFISA World Games.

- in London, Great Britain in July.

Admittedly, we have had to minimize the number of events, because there is a well-founded fear that the first half of the year will also be unstable due to the pandemic.

Get acquainted with this Calendar and do not stop dreaming! “You know, everything will be great! The warm wind will still blow”

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Origami Books
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