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Kaluga platform became the arena of the battle between Ivan Galkin and Roman Kalinin

The main event of the Mas-Wrestling championship of the Central Federal District in Kaluga was the match of International class masters of sports of Russia in Mas-Wrestling Ivan Galkin from Kaluga and Roman Kalinin from Tver.

This year has already developed so that every sporting event is of general interest. Indeed, in conditions of total restrictions, it is very difficult to organize full-fledged competitions with a large number of participating regions, to which we are accustomed before. Many athletes in the regions simply cannot leave their territories. Now our goal is just to try to keep what we have developed. To lay the foundation for next year's events. The Central Federal District Championship is one of those.

Representatives of five Russian regions of the Central Federal District gathered in Kaluga yesterday, on October 31, in the Vympel Sports Complex to compete in twelve weight categories. The format of the competition is uniform, but their internal content is always different from the rest. What became the peculiarity of the last championship?

As soon as applications from the regions were received, it became clear which fight would be the main one - two International class masters of sports of Russia of in Mas-Wrestling Ivan Galkin from Kaluga and Roman Kalinin from Tver were to meet in Kaluga.

So, the long-awaited day has come. The press came in the morning. The correspondents of the channel GTRK-Kaluga immediately took interviewed a local strong man. According to the Regulation, the competition began with matches of athletes of lower weight categories. So the intrigue had to wait.

Meanwhile, the hitherto unknown athlete Konstantin Ni attracted the interest of the audience. His perseverance in achieving victory in each fight caused a flurry of admiring. He was so elastic; he emerged victorious from the seemingly most losing situations. Amazing flexibility and endurance ensured him a champion title. We can confidently say he is “the opening” of the championship. Konstantin is a second year student at the Kaluga State University. It inspires optimism when guys like him come to our squad.

The participation of twin brothers Evgeny and Ilya Motorin from Kaluga is another feature of the championship. In the world of Mas-Wrestling, we know the Slovak twins Marek and Matus Klobusovsky, who act under the Mas-Wrestling Twins brand. Our Russian brothers are also friendly, got together in the finals and shared the first and second places. At the end of the match, they did a backflip together, which amused the audience a lot.

The team from the Tula region was pleased with the participation. The guys were all like the selection of a large physique, kept together and stood out among the usual sports fraternity. The first experience did not become negative for them - two won prizes. Mas-Wrestling came to their liking. They called our sport "Combat Chess". It couldn't be better! In the end, the guys promised to analyze all their videos and draw conclusions. And they intend to develop Mas-Wrestling at home!

Time flew by. It’s time for the heavy duel. In the final in the weight category up to 125 kg, the main opponents of the championship came out to meet each other. Ivan Galkin at the weigh-in showed a weight of 116 kg, Roman Kalinin - 120 kg. The difference is not fundamental. Visually they’re not very different either. But the emotional background is different: Galkin is always calm, and Kalinin has all the feelings out.

Igor Galutva calls our heroes to the platform. Traditional greeting. They sat down. Took up the stick. “Belem! Che!" Everyone hold their gadgets, trying not to miss a single moment of their confrontation. The «mas» does not withstand their rapid power. The wooden stick breaks and each one has exactly one-half. Wow! The equality of strength is evidenced by the score 1:1. But there must be only one winner. It becomes Roman.

Note that the Tver team had a triple holiday that day. All three participants climbed to the highest step of the podium: Ilya Krasovsky in the weight category up to 70 kg, Alena Fedorova - up to 55 kg. And, the championship winner Roman Kalinin, of course.

But it would not be so interesting if the Chief Referee of the competition, Vladimir Tsukanov, did not announce an absolute primacy. Among the eight brave men were our heroes. And once again, all eyes are riveted to their duel. All cameras are aimed.

Ivan Galkin this time manages to come out the winner with a score 2:0. Roman Kalinin applauds him. But even after that, they sit down at the board again and again. In the end, friendship wins. They shake hands tightly and part. But only for a couple of months. Because in December they will meet again at the Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship in Nalchik. But now the whole world will follow their new meeting. They started such an intrigue.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 303
Country:  Russia
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