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Ukraine successfully held the Mas-Wrestling Championships among youth and adults

On October 27, in the city of Melitopol, without spectators, in compliance with all quarantine precautions was held the VI Championship of Ukraine in Mas-Wrestling among the open age category and the V Championship among boys and girls, juniors and junior girls.

Of course, the quarantine has made its own adjustments to the number of participants in the championship. Instead of the already familiar 100+, 59 athletes from four regions of Ukraine took part in the competition. Such strong teams as Sofiyevka, Dnipro, Chornyanka could not take part, which was strongly reflected in the nominations among juniors and the open age group.

All athletes were divided into three streams of twenty participants and separated in time to avoid large crowds. Before weighing, the paramedic measured the temperature, hands and sticks were treated with an antiseptic.

Results of the the V Championship among boys and girls U17, juniors and junior girls U21:

Girls U17:

- 40 kg:

1st place - Evgeniya Lukyanets (Velikaya Znamenka)

- 50 kg:

1st place - Anna Vasileiko (Velikaya Znamenka)

2nd place - Angelina Sayenko (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Tatiana Velichko (Velikaya Znamenka)

- 62 kg:

1st place - Valentina Burduzha (Nizhnie Torgai)

2nd place - Anastasia Mironenko (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Neonila Putsenko (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Sofia Velichko (Velikaya Znamenka)

- 62+ kg:

1st place - Victoria Kaplunovskaya (Velikaya Znamenka)

2nd place - Olga Voropai (Nizhnie Torgai)

3rd place - Anastasia Pshenichnikova (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Karina Moskalenko (Nizhnie Torgai)

Boys U17:

- 40 kg:

1st place - Dmitry Ischuk (Veseloe)

2nd place - Mikhail Kharchenko (Nizhnie Torgai)

- 49 kg:

1st place - Ivan Shmaida (Nizhnie Torgai)

2nd place - Alexander Babenkov (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Sergey Barylo (Nizhnie Torgai)

3rd place - Yaroslav Bas (Velikaya Znamenka)

- 54 kg:

1st place - Nazar Hamandryk (Velikaya Znamenka)

2nd place - Alexey Meshkov (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Murat Yusupov (Nizhnie Torgai)

- 59 kg:

1st place - Egor Kushnarev (Velikaya Znamenka)

2nd place - Vladislav Lysenko (Nizhnie Torgai)

3rd place - Igor Korolyuk (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Nikita Belikov (Veseloe)

- 65 kg:

1st place - Roman Arutinov (Velikaya Znamenka)

2nd place - Victor Grebnev-Zadorozhny (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Danil Pavlichenko (Melitopol)

3rd place - David Mamuladze (Nizhnie Torgai)

- 72 kg:

1st place - Maxim Stogniy (Plodorodnoe)

2nd place - Eugene Orlov (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Dmitry Kramarenko (Nizhnie Torgai)

3rd place - Maxim Malakhov (Plodorodnoe)

- 80 kg:

1st place - Isa Yusupov (Nizhnie Torgai)

2nd place - Kirill Romashov (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Denis Zub (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Vladimir Grafsky (Velikaya Znamenka)

80+ kg:

1st place - Danil Kravets (Melitopol)

2nd place - Kirill Pavlichenko (Melitopol)

3rd place - Kirill Koval (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Izmail Burkhanov (Nizhnie Torgai)

Junior girls U21:

- 66 kg:

1st place – Natalia Tokar (Melitopol)

2nd place - Osadchaya Yulia (Velikaya Znamenka)

Juniors U21:

- 80 kg:

1st place - Nikolay Ovdienko (Veseloye)

2nd place - Maxim Volik (Kryvoi Rog)

3rd place - Oleg Selezen (Melitopol)

3rd place - Danil Lyakhovets (Velikaya Znamenka)


- 65 kg:

1st place - Olga Tarasenko (Veseloye)

2nd place – Natalia Tokar (Melitopol)

3rd place - Yulia Osadchaya (Velikaya Znamenka)

- 80 kg:

1st place - Alexey Kushnir (Veseloe)

2nd place - Maxim Volik (Kryvoi Rog)

3rd place - Danil Lyakhovets (Velikaya Znamenka)

3rd place - Nikolay Ovdienko (Veseloye)

VC. - 90 kg:

1st place - Vyacheslav Khmel (Kryvoi Rog)

2nd place - Dmitry Kutsov (Melitopol)

3rd place - Nikita Starovoit (Melitopol)

3rd place - Anatoly Bas (Velikaya Znamenka)

Team championship:

1st place - Zaporizhzhya region

2nd place - Kherson region

3rd place - Dnipropetrovsk region

Alexey Kushnir has updated his own record and has become six-time champion of Ukraine. Congratulations!

Despite everything, the championship took place! We continue to develop and be active. See you on the platform in 2021!

Author: Valery Gazaev
Number of shows: 371
Country:  Ukraine
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