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It’s great to have all of us here today!

There has not been such a unifying end to the competition for a long time. Thank you, Vladikavkaz!

Coming to the new region, crossing the long distances of our country, we admire how beautiful and immense it is! 

I wouldn’t be wrong to say that no one regretted coming to Vladikavkaz. We realized that this was the only right decision. It was difficult for the organizers. But it paid off. There has not been such a unifying end to the competition for a long time. Without exception, everyone thanked the hosts for the excellent organization and atmosphere of friendship. All go home in high spirits and with an ardent desire for new meetings.

Mokhinur, Keskileene, Sakhalina, Khetag, Sakhalita, Saryal, Ranil, Ayaan. Our young people get to know each other, learn to pronounce each other's names and last names. At this time, forms a true friendship. And, of course, such meetings on the platform give them the sporting experience they need to grow further.

The athletes gave their best. We are sure that the viewers watching remotely, even through the screens of their devices, felt the heat of the struggle. In fact, it wasn't easy for the athletes. This mask regime did not allow them to recover properly. After all, on demand, athletes could only take off their masks when they step onto the platform. As soon as they got off it, it was necessary to put on masks back. And the competition lasted until late at night. Even the awards ceremony and general photography were held in masks. This will be a photo memory of how we, despite the difficulties, overcame them together and were happy together. When you see the photos of the winners and awardees on the podium, know that they were all smiling.

At the opening ceremony, on behalf of the host, the representative of the International Public Movement «Supreme Council of Ossetians» Ruslan Tuayev and the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Youth, Physical Culture and Sport Elena Kastuyeva warmly welcomed our athletes. And our colleague, the president of the regional Mas-Wrestling organization Tamerlan Tsgoev, presented a letter of gratitude to the president of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Betal Gubzhev in recognition of his merits in the development of Mas-Wrestling in his region. It’s symbolic. Neighbors always support each other. That’s the way it should be. There are only a few days left until the adult championship. In early December we will meet again on the North Caucasian land. This time the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria will welcome us. And many people know how to meet there. We say: “Goodbye, Vladikavkaz! See you in Nalchik! "

The youth fought with dignity and passed the baton to his adult comrades. Juniors and junior girls have warmed up the audience all over the world. And now, everyone is looking forward to the Russian Championship among men and women, for which have entered titled, well-known athletes - the elite of the world Mas-Wrestling. So life, in spite of everything, goes on. Stay tuned!

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 346
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