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Uzbekistan Mas-Wrestling Cup was held in Tashkent

On December 5, in the capital of Uzbekistan, the city of Tashkent, the PROFORM Classic Sport Festival was held, within the framework of which the Mas-Wrestling Cup of Uzbekistan was held.

Mas-Wrestling Cup of Uzbekistan was held in five weight categories: men - up to 70 kg, - 90 kg and over 90 kg, women - up to 65 and over 65 kg. 
63 athletes took part in the competition. Valuable gifts were presented to the winners and winners.

List of winners and awardees 

Women - up to 65 kg 
1st place - Sodikova Gulnorokhon, Margilan 
2nd place - Madina Begmuradova, Almalyk 
3rd place - Anorbaeva Sevinch, Almalyk

Women - over 65 kg 
1st place - Rezhabova Gulnoza, Almalyk 
2nd place - Otabaeva Gulshoda, Almalyk                                                                                                                      3rd place - Irina Khamedova, Toshkent 

Men - up to 70 kg 
1st place - Abdurakhmanov Lazizbek, Toshkent  
2nd place - Tursunov Khozhiakbar, Andijan  
3rd place - Abdumalikov Islom, Jizzakh  

Men up to 90 kg  
1st place - Kadyrov Ilyas, Almalyk  
2nd place - Zhumaev Mashhurzhon, Toshkent  
3rd place - Khasanov Abdumutal, Toshkent  

Men - over 90 kg  
1st place - Sergey Trofimenko, Toshkent  
2nd place - Khaidarov Avas, Toshkent  
3rd place - Mukhamadzhon Karaboev, Andijan  

Also on December 5, in the city of Almalyk, a tournament was held among the heads of regional sports schools.

Author: Mas-Wrestling Federation of Uzbekistan Press
Number of shows: 280
Country:  Uzbekistan
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