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Senator Alexander Akimov has determined the development strategy of world mas-wrestling for the coming years

Today, on December 24, Alexander Akimov held an online Conference of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, where he summed up the results of the year and outlined tasks for the future.

At the beginning, all the participants of the Conference, at the suggestion of the President, honored the memory of the untimely deceased comrade-in-arms, close friend Erkinbek Tezekbayev, Vice-President of the National Mas-Wrestling Federation of Kyrgyzstan, as well as other victims of the pandemic with a minute of silence.

Further, the President cordially thanked the leaders of the National Mas-Wrestling Federations for their dedication to a common cause, for not giving up in these difficult times and ready to move on with the same enthusiasm.

The general impulse of the world mas-wrestlers to support the Yakutians during the lockdown, when they could not all celebrate their national holiday Ysyakh, was highly appreciated. This touching action of friendship found a response in the hearts of the people of the North.

When it came to goals and objectives for 2021, Alexander Akimov, as always, expanded the issue to the development program for the coming years. This program can be divided into several key points.

On the new tasks and areas of activity of the Federation in 2021.

“We have great challenges to face together. Our main goal is to include Mas-Wrestling in the program of the Olympic Games.

The International Federation is working on the recognition of Mas-Wrestling and inclusion in the register of sports of the Olympic Council of Asia. We have friendly relations with the head of the Council, Sheikh Ahmad-Al-Sabah, who visited Yakutsk in 2016. Then the meetings were held in a business format. We hope that soon we will be able to achieve a certain result and please you with good news.

Mas-wrestling is included in the Arnold Classic Multisport Festival in North America, South America and Australia. However, Arnold Classics in Europe remained on the sidelines. But next year this opportunity will appear and we will be able to include the Mas-Wrestling tournament in the Arnold Classic Great Britain program in October.

In addition, attention will be paid to the development of Mas-Wrestling in the countries of the Arctic zone - Canada and a number of Scandinavian countries. In the near future, holding a presentation to include Mas-Wrestling in the Arctic Winter Games held among the countries of the circumpolar region: Greenland, Canada, Norway, Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden.

It should be noted separately that the cooperation between the International Mas-Wrestling Federation and the World Ethnosport Confederation has begun, thanks to which we will have the opportunity to include Mas-Wrestling in the program of the Islamic Solidarity Games.

The Islamic Solidarity Games are one of the largest complex sporting events in the world, in fact, the Olympics of Islamic countries.

Mas-Wrestling is underrepresented on the African continent, where only two national federations operate. We intend to start work in other African countries as well. And to begin with, we will support the idea of holding the first continental championship.”

About the International Mas-Wrestling Center.

“If we look at the experience and history of other sports already included in the Olympic Program, we see that they have at their disposal specialized bases and international development centers.

We also need to have a similar Center. It is logical that it should be located in the homeland of mas-wrestling in Yakutsk. The International Mas-Wrestling Federation, together with the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), is working on this difficult issue. According to the project, it should be a separate sports facility with sports, educational, scientific, experimental, marketing and other activities.

The International Mas-Wrestling Center will provide many areas of activity: participation in the preparation of international projects, contracts, agreements and events in the field of international sports education, science and innovation, preparation of information materials for advertising products, planning and forecasting the ways of international development of mas-wrestling.

At its disposal will be an office for the work of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, a hotel for comfortable accommodation of employees and guests of the Center, a sports arena for events, a conference hall and meeting rooms, a museum, a Hall of Fame, a production and technical laboratory, educational audiences and other.

Anyone from any country in the world can visit the center, get an idea of mas-wrestling, get acquainted with the specifics, undergo training, study advanced developments, get inventory and methodological instructions, and contribute to the formation of the future. This will be a huge help for the entire world of mas-wrestling and will give another impetus to development!”

About the Mas-Wrestling Academy.

“Regarding the scientific support of mas-wrestling activities, I believe that at the moment our sport has already reached the level and is ripe for the implementation of the “Academy of Mas-Wrestling” project.

The Academy should take over the scientific and educational direction of its activities. It will be an object within the ecosystem of institutions of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, which will take over all the functions of conducting scientific research, refresher courses, seminars, master classes and facilities that provide a high level of education and training of personnel with higher professional education.

All official educational activities will now be under the control and auspices of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, and only this educational activity will be recognized by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation as official.

The Academy is a large and important project, and I entrust this responsible task to First Vice President Alexander Kim-Kimen! He is a PhD, a professor who is very familiar with the topic of science. I believe that he will cope with this difficult task and implement the Mas-Wrestling Academy project in the best possible way!

We have a lot of work ahead of us, achievements await us. I believe we’re on the right track, despite all the difficulties. We remain one family and true friends, our community is growing. We have an idea and a common goal towards which we are moving. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but maybe it's for the best. Life moves forward, the future becomes today and creates new conditions for cooperation.”

On the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the IMWF.

“The International Mas-Wrestling Federation was established in December 2011. Next year we have a 10th anniversary. We plan to celebrate it, summarize the interim results, look back at the path traveled, and outline the following goals. This is an important date for us. A working commission will be created for the preparation and holding of festive events.

We intend to continue filming documentaries about those enthusiasts who decided to connect their lives with a completely new sport unknown to them, discovered it not only for themselves, but also for their many followers, and thus became mas-wrestling missionaries in the world. All your efforts will be appreciated and noted. We sincerely appreciate your contribution to the common cause!

It was filming a documentary in Pakistan. And the film turned out really good. After its release, the activity of involving the population in Mas-Wrestling sharply increased not only in this country, but also around the world. Also, a documentary was filmed about the development of mas-wrestling in the United States. The film is currently being edited.

When the borders will open, subject to security measures, work in this direction should be continued - in the coming year, should be organized the shooting of a series of films about the development of mas-wrestling on all continents (according to a separate plan in agreement with the countries).

These films will be produced in English with Russian subtitles. They will testify to the real spread of mas-wrestling around the world, will be coincide with the 10th anniversary of the IMWF and will be shown to a wide audience in various media and on the Internet.”

Concluding his speech, Alexander Akimov once again expressed his respect and gratitude to the participants of the general meeting for the ongoing work despite all the challenges of the time. Only through our common hard work we can achieve our goals.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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