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Mas wrestling training course in Cotonou, Benin

This weekend of January 9-10, 2021 was busy for the athletes of mas-wrestling in Benin. There are about twenty athletes and coaches from all over Benin to participate in this development course. The event took place at Obama Beach in Cotonou under the leadership of Technical Director  Hassane Fousseni.
The day of Saturday January 09, 2021 was mainly devoted to the theoretical phase. The participants were treated to a presentation on the new playing laws of this sport of physical power. then, the technical advantages of this sport in the practice of other styles of wrestling.

The next day, that is to say Sunday, was the practical phase. According to Hassane Fousseni, the level of assimilation of the concepts received is satisfactory. It only remains to continue the work in order to be more competitive in the face of the next challenges. The technical and physical skills in wrestling are advantageous in the practice of this sport. All athletes (wrestlers) should know better how to practice the different styles of wrestling including mas wrestling, he advised. Benin and Africa must now win and gain respect in the competitions and that requires the right preparation, he said. Hassane Fousseni also insisted on the need for participants to share their experience with others from different cities in Benin.

This course was marked by a competition among wrestlers from Benin at the end of the work followed by a friendly tournament against a team from Nigeria. For the occasion, the wrestlers from Benin won everything in the different weight categories in men and women.

The president of the Benin Mas-wrestling Association called "Gunu Lutte Club" Rafiou Assounanou very satisfied with the progress of the activities, first encouraged the actors by inviting them to work more. "Mas-wrestling" is an exciting sport, he remarked before congratulating the technical director Hassane Fousseni for his availability and his determination to share his experience with others. The president also invited the athletes to be diligent for the rest of the work. A national and West African Mas-wrestling tournament in Cotonou is soon announced. He took the opportunity to briefly present to the participants the main conclusions of the last world conference of Mas-wrestling.

The long absence of the fight arenas linked to the constraints of Covid19 should not dull the enthusiasm, he wished before announcing that the next internship will take place in Djougou (North of Benin) in early February 2021.

Here are the different results:

1st: Ismaïl GASSAH
2nd: Ibrahim ADINDA
3rd: Franck ZINSOU

1st: Nourou IDRISSOU
2nd: DOMBE Rabiou
3rd: TCHEDRE Mohamed

1st Ibrahim ABDOULAYE
2nd EZI Kokou
3rd AFLAVI Joshua

2nd: Abdoulaye ATTA N'KAFOU
3rd: Chérif A. KARIM

1st Xiaomi OKPEIFA
2nd: Nassirou ADAMOU
3rd: Abdramane ABIBOU

1st: Aimé AIZANSI
2nd: Bachirou HASSANE
3rd KABIROU Abdoulbaki


1st: Rabiatou BOUKARI
2nd: Rachida ALAZA
3rd: Lami BARKA
4th: CHABI Madeleine O. Bumi

1st: Yazid SAFFA
2nd: Moussiliman ALFA SIDI
3rd: Walida ADAM

Author: Communication department of the Benin Mas-wrestling Association
Number of shows: 225
Country:  Benin
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