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Lindsay Hall: I'm optimistic that we can build a nice following in the Sacramento area, that's my goal.

The winner of the 2021 Visegrip Viking Invitational MAS Wrestling Tournament held in LA shares her impressions and sends his regards to the Yakutians.

Lee Martin: Lindsay, I'm Lee Martin fr om IMWF, we've met before. Thanks for coming out today and interwieving with us. How did the contest go for you?

Lindsay: It was a lot of fun, I brought one athlete with me who also heavyweight woman and so it was fun to compete against her and give her that experience

Lee Martin: Yeah, and how did that go?

Lindsay: It went really good, I think she is hooked. She lost both her matches, but she had a lot of fun.

Lee Martin: you've been training quite a while at the training hall, at your home gym too, wh ere's that at?

Lindsay: I'm train out of Sacramento, I come here to visit quite often.

Lee Martin: I've seen you a lot. Do you have pretty big training group at your gym, how is the feel over there? is it small? Is it big?

Lindsay: Right now it's pretty small there's about five or six of us who show up regularly for mas-wrestling practices on Sundays. But I think we are going to be building some momentum here. So as part of a strongman club, so there's a new group in Sacramento, We are also going to maybe try to put Mas competition in the couple months.

Lee Martin: Good, we can definitely support anybody who is trying to build Mas-Wrestling in our Area. One of the things I wanted to ask you is how long have you been training Mas? I mean It's new to America, you are one of the first ones to get started.

Lindsay: Yeah, so, Chip Conrad was my coach and he brought me into the sport in 2016 or 2017.

Lee Martin: So you've been kind of here with all of us Americans that, you know, just kind of picked it up when it first got introduced to us by Odd and Lena, we all, kind of Martins Licis, Sean Romark, we kind of sort of just jumped on the train and since then it's been a wild ride. Do you see continued growth or is it kind of fizzling out or how do you feel about the sport in the future?

Lindsay: I'm optimistic. I think that it's such a fun sport and it really brings everybody together. I'm optimistic that we can build a nice following in the Sacramento area, that's my goal.

Lee Martin: Absolutely. Besides Sacramento where has Mas-Wrestling taking you?

Lindsay: I went to Kyrgyzstan at the World Nomad Games, that was my first International trip and that was a blast and then I competed at the World Championship 2018 in Yakutsk. Hi everyone fr om Yakutsk!

Lee Martin: Very cool! How did you do?

Lindsay: I did well, I came back with silver medal!

Lee Martin: very cool! that's awesome! I really appreciate you being here today. Your caliber athlete at these competetitions really helps the rest of the people to see wh ere you got to get to, to be competitor on the top levels like that. Having you here is kind of like a ... big timing everybody but you kind of are ///

Lindsay: Well it's fun, I have so much fun and it's a passion and I just like to share that passion.

Lee Martin: Very cool! Thank you so much!

Lindsay: Thank you!

Author: IMWF Press
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