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Jon-Clark Eklund, USA: I’ve always enjoyed MAS

Let's meet a guy from Texas, Jon-Clark Ecklund. He has a title of the Visegrip Viking Invitational Mas-Wrestling tournament winner. And at our request, mas-wrestler from the city of Austin told a little about his way to the top.

My name is Jon-Clark Eklund and I started my MAS journey when it was first introduced here in the USA. I was part of the original team with Odd Haugen going fr om contest to contest, city to city, to grow and educate.

I am a former Strongman, a Grip Champion and a State/Regional MAS champion. I have had invites to compete on the world stage but due to my anxiety of flights, fr om past experiences, I would not go. Now I am much better with my flying anxiety thanks to my wife Kim Eklund, also a former state champion in MAS.

More personal information; I was in the medical field for many years. I worked as a lifeguard to a paramedic, to working in the hospital as what is called a Patient Care Technician. Which means I can do many jobs just short of being a Nurse. I decided, after many years of service, to start a new job in the rising tech industry wh ere I am currently employed as DevOps.

My drive has never changed, just the change is flight anxiety. I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and see wh ere I stand with great people. Unfortunately, flying got in the way of a lot of my goals. I had a great team. We pushed each other hard. It’s unfortunate I never got to share the stage with them.

I’ve always enjoyed MAS. The battling out of strength, grip, agility, & will power. I may not be as strong as my opponent, sometimes not as fast. But no one has my Grip or my Will to win.

Number of shows: 333
Country:  United States of America
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