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Lee Martin interview with Junaid Ijaz Chukhdhri and Salman Aqeel Butt from Pakistan

Referee Junaid Ijaz Chukhdhri and athlete Salman Aqeel Butt came from Pakistan especially for the 2021 Visegrip Viking Invitational Tournament in Los-Angeles, USA.

Lee Martin: Welcome to the United States, thank you for coming down, we really appreciate having you guys travel so far to be here. What did you guys think about the competition today.

Junid: Thank you for welcoming us. We have the second experience in USA. First time I participated in Ohio, Columbus at the "Arnold Classic" festival and the second time will be here in Los Angeles. It's a very good experience. I'm refereeing the second time in USA and I feel very good.

Lee Martin: Yeah, we really appreciate having you, come out and referee for us, it's an honour for us.

Junid: Yes, thank you!

Lee Martin: Salman, how did you do today?

Salman: I feel very good today. I competed with all my competitors, Phil and all the guys. I didn't get the position today, but it's a small competition make us opportunity to do and show us the talent, engage with the more people, so in future it will be good for us.

Lee Martin: You look good out there today and we are looking forward to see more of you. Today was a bit of a smaller tournament because of the conditions but it was packed with really good athletes you went against some of americans, some top guys for your weight class, so definitely keep your head up, you did good and we will look forward to seeing you guys in our next competition. What about the United States? How do you guys feel about the United States so far? Very welcoming?

Junid: Yes, it's very nice place, we are really enjoying the tour.

Lee Martin: People don't even know you guys from Pakistan at all.

Junid: Very friendly people...

Salman: People are very friendly and they welcoming us, everything is good here.

Lee Martin: I think that eveerybody who sees thinks you probably are just here. It probably makes tough though because no one's asking you guys if you need help. How's it been like getting around town with the rides and stuff like that?

Salman: Everything is... in our hotel in the states is very good like we have the indian store and the pakistani guys and the parks and the streets and the hills everything is very very beautiful.

Junid: We are really enjoying.

Salman: We are spenting a good time here.

Lee Martin: You guys think it's relaxing or is it kind of like a high pace.

Salman: No, it's relaxing, it's good to be here.

Lee Martin: We are definitely happy to have you guys here.

Salman: In future, we will also come here.

Lee Martin: How long are you guys in town for?

Salman: We are here about almost three or four more days.

Lee Martin: You guys gonna be down here or you guys gonna be heading out?

Junid: After that, we will go to other state, but in these two or three days we will explore the surroundings.

Lee Martin: Oh very cool! Well make sure if you guys get some free time give me a phone call so we can hang out, do some stuff, I'll show you guys around a little bit.

Junid: Thank you!

Lee Martin: Thank you guys so much!

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