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Mas-Wrestling Championship among students was successfully held in Armenia

88 students from twelve higher educational institutions fought these days for the right to become the best in Mas-Wrestling.

A feature of the student competition was the inclusion of a special category for athletes with disabilities. Thus, Narek Arakelyan with hearing, speech, and visual impairment and Akop Kazaryan with a 2nd degree disability of the musculoskeletal system followed the example of American athletes and became the first in the country to compete in a similar category in official competitions.

Narek Arakelyan, competing on equal terms with not disabled athletes in the weight category up to 60 kg, where there were sixteen participants, overcame them all with a great advantage. This is the result of his long hard training and great self-discipline.

Artavazd Nalbandyan, President of the Armenian Mas-Wrestling Federation, spoke with joy about the successful holding of the competition and the participation of special athletes.

Official results of the competition:


Up to 45 kg.

1. Arpine Amiryan

2. Arpine Mnatsakanyan

3. Tsakhik Akopyan

Up to 55 kg.

1. Srbuhi Ovakimyan

2. Asmik Muradyan

Up to 65 kg.

1. Seda Aramyan

2. Gohar Grigoryan

Over 65 kg.

1. Anna Mkrtchyan

2. Liana Manukyan

3. Dianna Kazaryan


Up to 60 kg.

1. Narek Arakelyan

2. Artush Ogannisyan

3. Seyran Abramyan

Up to 70 kg.

1. Vardan Bagdasaryan

2. Gor Sakunts

3. Suren Kocharyan

Up to 80 kg.

1. Yuri Sakunts

2. Ruben Shakhnazaryan

3. You are Egoyan

Up to 95 kg

1. Oganes Oganesyan

2. Ashot Oganesyan

3. Grogor Mirzoyan

Over 95 kg

1. Serob Zhamkochyan

2. Ayk Kazaryan

3. Ruben Verdyan

It is gratifying that during the period of the pandemic and social upheavals in the country, the activity of our friends - mas-wrestlers did not fall, and even the beginning of Adaptive Mas-Wrestling appeared.

Life shows that Mas-Wrestling is really a sport for all. It is worth accelerating the development of rules for athletes with disabilities. This is the imperative of the times.

Author: Лена Томская
Number of shows: 337
Country:  Armenia
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