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Not by number but by skill: the winner team from Chernyanka

Last weekend Melitopol hosted the VI Mas-Wrestling Cup of Ukraine. In a tense struggle, 19 sets of awards were contested among various age and weight categories.

Naturally, each team tried to show the maximum result. But only one small group of athletes from the village of Chernyanka, Kherson region managed to achieve an absolute figure. All four athletes won the gold medals of the prestigious tournament. We talked about the phenomenal success of the Chernyanka athletes and the way they went to achieve such impressive success in today's issue of the newspaper "Nova Kakhovka" under the heading "Your city".

The athletes of the Kherson region got acquainted with mas-wrestling back in 2015, and to some extent by accident. “At that moment our fellow villager was studying in Melitopol,” says the head of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the Kherson region, Konstantin Shvets. - He spoke about the unusual wrestling that the Melitopol athletes began to master. He also offered to try his hand at the upcoming competitions". Konstantin, together with his wife Aleksandra, gathered a team of like-minded people and took part in the Ukrainian Cup 2016. At these starts, Aleksandra Shvets was able to win gold and immediately received an invitation to join the Ukrainian national team. And Konstantin has already decided to seriously develop mas-wrestling in his village.

In the following years, the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the Kherson region represented by Aleksandra Shvets confidently paved the way for international recognition. Bronze of the European Championship 2016, silver and bronze of the World Cup stages 2017, silver of the World Cup 2019. At a time when Aleksandra was climbing the pedestals of the most status competitions, Konstantin organized a mas-wrestling section at the school. The young teacher was not embarrassed by the lack of a material base, and the desire to declare himself only spurred him on. Soon, was built a platform and other equipment for regular mas-wrestling training. The section is constantly attended by several dozen children and adults, so Chernyanka's team usually acts as a large team. However, this year the pandemic has made its own adjustments.

“Of course, we wanted to bring a large team to this Cup of Ukraine,” says Oleksandra Shvets about the recent competitions. - But the quarantine measures prevented. Some parents simply did not let their children go, so I’m sympathetic. Therefore, the four of us had to perform for the whole Chernyanka».

In addition to Aleksandra and Konstantin Shvets, Chernyanka's team was represented by two more athletes - school and college students Sergey Dyakov and Evgeniy Belushchenko. Each of the athletes took first place in their category. In addition to competing, Aleksandra also managed to referee and did other administrative work, helping organizers of competitions. “For the first time, I refereed the competition a few years ago - Aleksandra tells about her work, - and now I’m slowly taking on other responsible work. I’m in love with Mas-Wrestling, and I want to develop this wrestling even after I quit the big sport». Another dream of Aleksandra is to take part in the international competitions in the same team with her husband. It so happened that Konstantin always took care of the family in order to provide his wife with the maximum possible realization of her sports ambitions. And now Alexandra wants her husband to also try his hand at the World Cup.

Author: Alexander Proskurin
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
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Country:  Ukraine
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