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Familiar and unfamiliar Vilmar Oliveira

In summer of 2012 as a part of the foreign delegation of world mas-wrestlers a man of low height with bright southern appearance arrived in Yakutsk. He spoke Portuguese, the national language of Brazil. The local people, of course, were amazed at the guest from so far away. How did he come to us, to the North? They thought that he had come for exotic things, would stay and forget. But no.

It was in Brazil that Mas-Wrestling began its march in South America. And the pioneer of this movement was an enthusiast, coach, musician, artist, active promoter of a healthy lifestyle and just a very positive person Vilmar Oliveira. To him the phrase - a talented person, talented in everything is fully applicable.

Well, let’s get acquainted. Again.

Let’s start with the country where our hero lives.

Brazil is a vast and mysterious country. It occupies the fifth largest territory in the world - it is larger than Australia and larger than Yakutia by almost three times. And the sixth largest in the population is 218 million people. Through its territory flows the largest river in the world - the Amazon. The vast jungle surrounding the Amazon is called the “lungs of the planet”. Brazil is famous for its football, beaches and the Rio Carnival. The country is developing rapidly. The Brazilian aircraft brand Embraer is known all over the world.

Brazil is fully a migrant country, just like the United States. The history of Brazil has several waves of immigrants: fr om the Portuguese to the Germans, the Dutch and the Japanese. Due to these processes, the country is extremely diverse in terms of population. The central and coastal equatorial States are predominantly inhabited by people of African roots, in the eastern states and along the shores of the Amazon, there are population mixed with the local Indian tribes of the Tupi Guarani.

In our article we will talk about the southernmost states, wh ere Mas-Wrestling is actively developing. Here live Brazilians most with Italian and German roots and where the Gaucho culture (in the Portuguese pronunciation of the Gaushu) prevails. It is here, in the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the sports club «Academy of Vilmar Oliveira», that the South American history of Mas-Wrestling begins. Signor Vilmar Oliveira began to promote Mas-Wrestling in the city of Caxias do Sul.

He comes fr om a large family. After the loss of his father, the family experienced financial difficulties and Vilmar had to to work from a young age as a shoeshine. At the same time,  young man dreamed of being famous all over the world and traveling a lot. Sport helped to bring these plans to life.

Vilmar is a versatile athlete - he was involved in running, boxing, parachute sport. But most of all he succeeded in power sports, so he gradually came to powerlifting, in which he performed and continues to perform for many years, wh ere he won a huge number of medals. Like all Brazilians, Vilmar is very musical and artistic, masterly plays the Brazilian sanfona accordion. In his youth, he played in music groups, performed with a military orchestra. Vilmar even appeared in a feature film about the history of gaushu.

Today, Vilmar is a frequent guest of various TV channels as a promoter of a healthy lifestyle and a new sport for Brazil - Mas-Wrestling.

In a relatively short period, Vilmar formed a strong Brazilian team that competes successfully at the international level. He has become a truly missionary in the field of Mas-Wrestling, giving presentations and lectures in schools, universities, military units, taking part in city sports festivals, attracting more and more countries to the world of Mas-Wrestling

Today, thanks to his efforts, Mas-Wrestling is becoming more and more famous on the continent, several years ago it crossed its borders. Now they’re into Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. Peru, Venezuela, and Ecuador are coming up. But even in the large Brazil there are plenty of work. In the country, he intends to cover all 27 states. This year, Vilmar plans to host competitions in almost half of the country - in 12 states. The largest of these will be the continental championship in Chile. He will also help to host championships in Argentina and Bolivia.

Of course, the brightest event of the year will be the International Mas-Wrestling Tournament at the Arnold South America Sports Festival, which is traditionally held in one of the largest cities in the world, São Paulo.

And although the pandemic may change these plans, we believe in the enduring optimism and energy of our faithful colleague and friend, wish him luck

Author: Igor Galutva
Number of shows: 1223
Country:  Brazil
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