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Mas-Wrestling was presented in Novaya Kakhovka (Ukraine)

On Saturday, in the Kherson region, was held a large-scale Mas-Wrestling competition. 76 athletes from Kherson, Zaporozhye and Dnipropetrovsk regions competed for the medals of the Kherson Region Open Championship in 19 age and weight categories. The goal of the competition was not only the regional championship, but also the popularization of Mas-Wrestling among the residents of Novaya Kakhovka. Looking ahead, we note that this goal was successfully achieved.

The idea to hold a competition in Novaya Kakhovka arose several years ago, but the difficulties in organization and, most importantly – the lack of a sponsor, held back the impulse of the Kherson regional cell of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine for some time. However, it was this year that they managed to turn the tide in their favor, and the head of the regional division, Konstantin Shvets, together with his wife Alexandra, undertook to hold large-scale competition.

A tremendous work was done to attract competition partners. The competition was greatly supported by the owner of the “Vlastelin” chain of stores - Yuri Vlasov, who in every possible way supports the development of sports in the Kakhovsky district. Other local organizations, fitness centers and recreational facilities were also present. Such coordinated work allowed not only to hold a sports event at a high level, but even to create a prize fund for the winners.

“This is just that rare case when the first pancake is not a bit tricky,” said President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine Valeriy Gazaev, about the championship. The level at which the regional competition were held is comparable to the level and organization of national starts. This is the great merit of Konstantin and Alexandra Shvets. " At the same time, Valeriy Gazaev notes that the team work of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine made the competition truly successful. Anastasia Ivchenko, Aleksey Kushnir, Yulia Lebedenko - people who have been actively developing this sport in our country for more than 5 years - also put their hand, heart and mind to the organization of the tournament.

Most of the tournament participants were children, boys and girls, juniors and junior girls. They had the opportunity not only to demonstrate their strength and wrestling skills, but also to watch the performance of top athletes fr om the Ukrainian national team. Thanks to the outdoor facilities, hundreds of residents and guests of Novaya Kakhovka became spectators of the Championship. Many of them were fascinated by Mas-Wrestling. Children and adults from among the spectators were happy to try their hand at the platform during technical breaks, asking wh ere they can practice this sport. After such a bright presentation, there is a high probability that a new sports will appear in Novaya Kakhovka - a Mas-Wrestling section. Konstantin Shvets is already thinking about how to organize it.

In the team ranking, the Zaporozhye region won the first place with a small margin. The cup for the second team place was retained by the championship hosts - the Kherson region. The third place in the team championship went to a team from the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Author: Alexander Proskurin
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
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Country:  Ukraine
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