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Congratulation of the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on the World Mas-Wrestling Day

Dear friends!
On behalf of the Presidium of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Yakutians, Muscovites, residents of all regions of Russia and our foreign friends, all athletes and fans of this unique Yakut sport that has stepped far beyond the borders of the northern republic, I congratulate you on the World Mas-Wrestling Day!

This holiday is very young, but our sport has its roots in deep antiquity. So we decided to celebrate it on the fourth Saturday of June. This date falls on the days of the national holiday Ysyakh and was chosen as a tribute to the Yakut people, who gave the world their national sport. This type of martial arts owes its modern name Mas-Wrestling to the first Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling fr om Yakutia Roman Dmitriev, thanks to which began the glorious path of the Yakut Mas Tardyhyy across countries and continents.

Our fans watch the thrilling hot contractions and jump into the movement themselves.

On these hot June days, have successfully completed the Mas-Wrestling World Cup and the International Youth Tournament in the ancient Yakut sport in the treasury of the Great Silk Road Khiva, which gathered more than a hundred athletes from different countries in the ancient fortress of Ichan-Kala. Through the seas and oceans, we reached America, attracted the attention of the strongest people on the planet, who were united by the Arnold Schwarzenegger festival. Now representatives of Asian countries are expressing their desire to include mas-wrestling in the Asian and Islamic Games. And we have such a prospect: the next Asian Games are planned in 2025 in hot Uzbekistan.

Interest in Mas-Wrestling is growing day by day, and it seems that soon there will be no country left wh ere they would not hear about it. We live in a difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic. But we don’t want it to break us. We need to be stronger and friendlier. We can’t be defeated.

We dream that we will train foreign athletes - specialists in our profile here in Yakutia, on the land of the ancestors of Mas Tardyhyy.

We dream that the next competition or even training camp will be held in the most beautiful places on the planet.

We are ready to carry the banner of Yakut sport as a symbol of peace and harmony, uniting peoples on Earth.

And we will go forward, like in Ysyakh - towards the sun, feeling and supporting each other in our aspirations for the cherished goal - the Olympic Games, holding the fragile world in our hands.

I wish you all good luck, friends! New victories and new achievements! I wish you good health and joy!

Be strong in spirit!

Believe in victory and we will win!

Happy Holidays! Happy World Mas-Wrestling Day!

Yours Alexander AKIMOV,

President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

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