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Turkish stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup. What awaits us

Our entire planet is going through hard times due to the spread of coronavirus infection. We cannot be sure even in the near future and are completely dependent on her “waves”. Life, meanwhile, goes on. We will meet again in just two weeks. In Turkey.

The host country was not chosen by chance. The invitation came from the President of the World Ethnosport Confederation, Mr. Nejmeddin Bilal Erdogan. It was accepted by us with gratitude.

So, on September 16-20, instead of the small cozy Finnish town of Pyhtää, the lord of two straits - the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, the eternal city of Istanbul will host the next stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup this year. The venue is the Bahçelievler Şehit Mustafa sports complex.

The second stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup this year is combined with the European Open Championship and mas-wrestlers of this continent from Hungary, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Finland came to take part in the competition, first of all. Asian national mas-wrestling federations are represented by Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

So far, the most numerous team is the Pakistani national team - thirty-eight mas-wrestlers from this country will take to the platform. Recently, this country, according to the leader of Nawab Furqan Khan, is experiencing a real boom in mas-wrestling, which cannot but please us.

I must say that there are many restrictions for crossing the Turkish border, up to the ban on entry to citizens of some countries and continents. Therefore, not all interested countries will be able to come.

In addition to competitions in weight categories, the European Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women in the absolute weight category is held as a separate event on the same dates. Eight men and five women have submitted applications and will be challenging for the title of the strongest in mas-wrestling this year. There are not so many participants, and the event is about to be loud, so it is worth announcing the names of the applicants: Deli Tamash, Csaba Juhasz, Alex Vero from Hungary, Antanas Abrutis from Lithuania, Artur Malucha and Kory Agnieszka from Poland, Sergey Frolkin, Viktor Kolibabchuk, Tatiana Baisheva, Svetlana Tikhonova from Russia, Peter Puha and Jana Vaskova from Slovakia and Olga Sukach from Ukraine.

The judging staff, which will serve both championships, is international. Qualified referees from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Ukraine will conduct sports performances on the Turkish stage. Mas-wrestling fans around the world will follow their expressive gestures. Our competitions will be broadcasted live thanks to Maxim Sukhanov. The correspondents of NBC "Sakha" arrive in Istanbul. This means that there will be interesting reports by Aisena Burnasheva and Viktor Olesov from the scene. The Turkish side will cover the brightest moments of the competition and show it on national television channels.

All the participants are a little excited about the upcoming meeting in a new country. Everyone really hopes that there will be no postponements and cancellations. So that everything is fine, as before, in pre-Covid times. Let it be so!


Author: Лена Томская
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