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The IMWF Presidium members were called for an emergency meeting by Senator Alexander Akimov

The meeting of the members of the  International Mas-Wrestling Federation Presidium is related to the cancellation of the IMWF final events in Russia and their transfer to the territory of Finland.

According to the IMWF Calendar, the year should end with the IMWF Conference, the final stage of the World Mas-Wrestling Cup and the World Mas-Wrestling Championship in the absolute category among men and women.

Given the importance of the decision, President Alexander Akimov, after consultation with colleagues and confirmation from the Finnish side, convened an emergency meeting on October 26 at 10 am Moscow time.

The meeting of the IMWF Presidium in the videoconferencing mode was attended by:

Akimov Alexander, Russia - President

Mokhov Arnold, Russia - Secretary General

Kim-Kimen Alexander, Russia - 1st Vice President 

Haugen Odd Erling, USA - Vice President

Tomskaya Lena, Russia - Vice President 

Alymbekov Iskender, Kyrgyzstan - Presidium member

Alekseev Igor, Russia - Presidium member

Henriette Borbeli, Hungary - Presidium member

Gulyaev Mikhail, Russia - Presidium member

Dubovs Vitalijs, Latvia - Presidium member

Imataliev Talap, Kazakhstan - Presidium member

Lewandowska Anna, Poland - Presidium member

Tamboli Omarmukhtar, India - Presidium member

Nalbandian Artavazd, Armenia - Presidium member

Jantti Juha-Vesa, Finland - Member of the IMF Presidium


Mokhnachevsky Gavril, Russia - Director of the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) “Repablic center of national sports named after V. Manchaary ". 

Elena Vykhodet, Greece - Representative of the Hellenic Wrestling Federation, General Director of Sport Village.

In his welcoming speech, Alexander Konstantinovich, first of all, thanked his colleagues for their prompt response to get together in a short time, since the decision to cancel events in Russia was made just a few days ago in connection with the latest tightening of restrictions due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

“Despite the pandemic, you have done a lot of work in your countries to promote and develop mas-wrestling,” - the president said. - Both previous stages of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup were also held in force majeure circumstances, when we were forced to make responsible decisions in the shortest possible time. We succeeded thanks to our solidarity, loyalty to our ideals and our strong friendship. I thank everyone for the enviable persistence shown, worthy of a real mas-wrestler. "

IMWF Secretary General Arnold Mokhov briefly reminded everyone present about the previous stages of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup:

“The first stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2021 - the Asian Open Championship was successfully held in Khiva, Uzbekistan, with the participation of 138 athletes from 9 countries of the world. Within the framework of the competition, an international tournament among boys and girls was also held with the participation of 59 young athletes from 5 countries.

The 2nd stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2021 - the Open European Championship at the beginning of the year planned in Finland, due to restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19, was postponed and successfully held in the capital of Turkey in the city of Istanbul with the participation of 102 athletes from 12 countries the world. Within the framework of the competition, the European Mas-Wrestling Championship in the absolute weight category among men and women was also held with the participation of 7 men and 5 women from 5 European countries.

Finland is proposed as the host country of the third (final) stage of the 2021 Mas-Wrestling World Cup, as well as the Mas-Wrestling World Championship in the absolute weight category among men and women and the meeting of the Conference of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation. "

Then the floor was taken by the President of the Finnish Mas-Wrestling Federation Juha-Vesa Jantti. He said that, in agreement with the mayor of Pyhtää, he had booked a Sport hall in this city and had already begun to resolve organizational issues for all events from December 16 to 20, 2021, taking into account the late start of the preparatory process and the need for sufficient time to resolve visa issues for all participants who need it.

All the participants in the meeting were enthusiastic about the news of all the planned events for this year, because there was an alarming expectation of their cancellation in principle.

Alexander Akimov once again sincerely thanked his Finnish colleague for his determination and dedication to mas-wrestling and called on all members of the IMWF Presidium to provide Juha-Vesa Jantti with all possible assistance for the preparation and worthy holding of our events.

After discussion of current issues, an invited participant from Greece was introduced - Ms. Elena Vykhodet - General Director of Sport Village.

“For ten years we have been organizing training camps and world-class sporting events in Greece,” said Elena Vykhodiets. - Our sports camp is the official training base of the Greek Wrestling Federation, and they trust us to host all competitions and championships. The Greek Wrestling Federation is a member of the National Olympic Committee and has over 150 clubs and thousands of members throughout Greece. And we would like to become a part of your close-knit family of mas-wrestlers of the world ”.

Naturally, everyone was glad to have a new acquaintance, and even from such an iconic country as the Motherland of Olympism. The wider the circle of friends, the better, isn't it?

So, literally today or tomorrow, regulatory documents will be signed and sent to all IMF members. National Mas-Wrestling Federations may submit squad rosters for posting on the IMWF website. Do not forget to indicate weight categories and attach photos of athletes.

Our Finnish colleague and friend Juha-Vesa Jantti will be happy to see all his friends on December 16-20, 2021.

See you in Lapland!


Author: Лена Томская
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