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Interuniversity cooperation in the development of mas-wrestling is on the way

On March 22 Director of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the North-Eastern Federal University. M.K. Ammosov Nikolai Gogolev met with the leadership of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on the development of mas-wrestling through cooperation between the country's leading universities.

Five years ago at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi a large-scale presentation work was carried out, with participating two thousand young people. A huge bright flower with jamb boards on each petal with the designation of continents attracted the attention of literally all participants of the global youth forum. At that time the idea of ​​uniting the youth of the whole planet around mas-wrestling arose, the embodiment of which was the creation of the World Student League "Mas-Wrestling Universe" on the basis of the Chuvash State University, where many foreign students study at different faculties.

As we remember, student youth fr om different countries of the world took part in the Mas-Wrestling World Championship 2018 in Yakutsk. Most of them were the students fr om the countries of the Middle East. Their participation can be confidently considered the heritage of the Festival of Youth of the whole planet.

Over time, the geography of student mas-wrestling has expanded significantly. Physically strong guys from Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America like to spend their free time at the board in the gyms of Russian universities. By captivating them, we are working for the future, because graduates will take home the acquired skills from the homeland of mas-wrestling and will contribute to the development of mas-wrestling in their countries. Many are already in stable contact with the national mas-wrestling federations in their countries.

Working with foreign youth in our country, we do not spend much effort on crossing borders, we communicate with them in the Russian language that is comfortable for us. Thus, without much effort, we introduce mas-wrestling abroad. This was especially important during the pandemic and now, when the borders between some countries are closed. In essence, this is an investment in the future of mas-wrestling.

On the eve of the IV World Mas-Wrestling Championship in Yakutsk this summer, Russian universities are again selecting the strongest students from different countries. In this context, on March 22, 2022, Nikolai Gogolev, Director of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the North-Eastern Federal University, had a working meeting with the General Secretary of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Arnold Mokhov and Vice-President Lena Tomskaya. The Deputy Director of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the NEFU named after V.I. M.K. Ammosova for educational, sports work and youth policy Olga Nikolaeva, head of the Center for Physical Education and Development of Student Sports of NEFU. M.K. Ammosov Alexander Cherkashin and Head of the Department of Mass Sports and Sports and Health Tourism of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the NEFU. M.K. Ammosov Arian Tarasov.

There is a separate Department of Mas-Wrestling and National Sports in NEFU, wh ere bachelors and masters are trained. More than 100 students are engaged in mas-wrestling in sports groups. The Institute actively promotes the popularization of mas-wrestling. The staff of the department just recently returned fr om St. Petersburg, wh ere they held for students of NSU named after P.F. Lesgaft held a master class with an audience of 80 people.

Yakut highly qualified specialists and coaches of the Department of Mas-Wrestling and National Sports will begin to provide assistance to foreign students remotely, then they will move on to face-to-face practical classes, and during the World Championship they will assist new wards. There are many options for cooperation. It all depends on the desire to move forward, opening up new areas of activity.

Students fr om abroad intend to take part not only in the World Championship, but also in the World Mas-Wrestling Championship among juniors and juniors, which should be held according to the IMWF Calendar in October this year in the capital of Chuvashia - Cheboksary. Further, according to the plan, the Russian Open Mas-Wrestling Championship among students in St. Petersburg is already with an eye on the Universiade 2023 in Yekaterinburg.

Colleagues from NEFU shared the good news about the desire to create the All-Russian Student League. This idea is supported by the Government of Yakutia and the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation. The initiative will make it possible to create at the university, in accordance with the Decree of Il Darkhan Aisen Nikolaev, the International Academy for the national sport.

During the year, a number of agreements on cooperation in the development of mas-wrestling between the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of NEFU and the leading universities of the country will be signed. This decision was made during a meeting with the director of the IFCaS Nikolai Gogolev. All participants received a charge of positive and good mood. Youth is our future. For her sake, we will continue to move forward. We will again and again demonstrate to the world that the mas-wrestling platform is not a place for strife, but a territory of friendship and mutual understanding. By the way, foreign universities are also showing interest in cooperation with NEFU. In Brazil, wh ere IMF vice-president Vilmar Oliveira is teaching, the details are ready to be discussed.

In our activities for the development of mas-wrestling in the world, we are guided, first of all, by documents developed and approved collectively. The most important of them is the Memorandum on the development of world mas-wrestling, which was adopted by representatives of 35 countries of the world in 2014 at the III Congress of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation before the first World Mas-Wrestling Championship, held under the auspices of the United Nations Educational Organization , Science and Culture (UNESCO). According to this manifesto, we are developing mas-wrestling as part of the cultural heritage of the Sakha people, which has a positive impact on the development of the physical and moral qualities of a person. In all areas of our activity, we are guided only by the high ideals and principles of Olympism.

This summer, during the national holiday Ysyakh, we will be happy to host athletes from all over the world. We understand that some of our friends will not be able to come due to sanctions. But to everyone who comes to us in Yakutia, we will give a more than worthy welcome. Everyone knows the hospitality of the Yakut people. One has only to envy those who visit our northern region for the first time in the summer. They will open new horizons for themselves and take away unforgettable impressions!

Welcome to Yakutia and the World of Mas-wrestling!

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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