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Yakutian diamond was played at the Mongolian Mas-wrestling Championship

The jewel from the homeland of mas-wrestling was exhibited by the president of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Mongolia – Erdenevanchig Batbaatar.

On May 22, the eighth Mongolian mas-wrestling Championship was held in the gym of the Mongolian State Pedagogical University. More than 130 athletes fr om 35 organizations competed in four youth and nine adult weight categories. The oldest participant Dash Namkhaidorzh is 72 years old. With the total support of the audience he won the first match unconditionally. But he lost in a hard struggle to his next opponent and dropped out of the further combat. At the same time, he deservedly broke a storm of applause. The athlete's motto "Age is just a number" sounded more than convincing. Namkhaydorj is in excellent physical shape, performed in the most popular weight category - up to 70 kg and became an example for the younger generation.

In general, the championship was held in an atmosphere of sports excitement and healthy competition. A two-year break due to the pandemic had a little effect. The country has just begun to get out of this difficult situation. Many federations have submitted applications for sports competitions. Therefore, the agreement of the national mas-wrestling championship was delayed a little.

The participants came from all over Mongolia. The farthest distance from wh ere the team arrived is 1,800 km fr om Ulaanbaatar. I am glad that there are many newcomers. So, the shift is growing up. Following the results of the last national championship, a sports team of Mongolia in mas-wrestling will be formed, which will come to the World Championship to defend the honor of the country in the city of Yakutsk at the end of June.

Before the World Championship, all members of the updated national team will undergo a full medical examination and will leave on June 3 for sports training camps at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level.

According to his main job, Erdenevanchig Batbaatar is engaged in the preparation of sports teams of Mongolia in all sports, including Olympic ones. His medical research center employs more than twenty qualified specialists, including five honored doctors of the country. No other similar organization can boast of such an authoritative medical staff. All equipment was purchased with the arrival of Batbaatar in his position in Europe in 2019. Top-level athletes receive all the necessary medical and psychological assistance here.

Erdenevanchig Batbaatar established a special prize – the Yakut diamond, which was played in the most numerous weight category – up to 70 kg. The lucky owner was the athlete of the club "Ferpekt" A. Zhargalsaikhan.

Returning to the origins, it is worth remembering that it was thanks to the enthusiasm of Erdenevanchig that the national mas-wrestling federation was created in 2015, when after graduating from the Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, he returned home. He returned as the winner of the first, historical mas-wrestling World Championship. In fact, he is the first foreign student to take part and represent his country at the world level. The members of the World Student League arriving this year are following in his footsteps.

The Mas-Film Studio film crew, which was working in Mongolia these days, will tell about the formation of mas-wrestling in a fraternal Asian country. This time the group consisted of two operators, professionals of the highest level – Viktor Olesov (Moscow branch of the National Broadcasting Company "Sakha") and Konstantin Struchkov (1st TV channel). The project manager is Lena Tomskaya, Vice President of the International Mas Wrestling Federation. At the opening ceremony, she was presented with a letter of thanks from the Agency for Physical Culture and Sports of Mongolia for strengthening friendly sports ties between our countries.

The next day, the Russian delegation was received by the Minister of Sports of Mongolia Sharavzhamts Tserenzhankhar. The meeting was held in a constructive, business-like format. Both sides highly appreciated the activities of the national mas-wrestling federation under the leadership of Erdenevanchig Batbaator. At the same time, they noted that the prospects for development are good, Yakut mas-wrestling is widely accepted very positively – the Mongols have the spirit of martial arts in their blood. Schoolchildren are engaged in it in sections, tournaments of different levels are held. The director of the sports school of the central district of Mongolia Altahuyag Dulam and the mas-wrestling coach Bazaragchaa Ganchuluun from Bayanchandman are working particularly fruitfully in this direction. Both have a desire to increase the level of coaching skills, for which they want to establish closer cooperation with Yakutia.

The Minister supported the idea of holding the next year's Mas-Wrestling World Cup in Mongolia – the Asian Open Championship. This would be a good help for the further development of mas-wrestling in Asia as a whole. During the meeting, they also discussed the possibility of holding a team meeting "Yakutia – Mongolia" and an absolute championship in hapsagai among all comers. There’s more. Erdenevanchig Batbaatar shared his dream to open a branch of the Sakhaada-Sport Association, wh ere residents of Mongolia could discover various Yakut sports. He will tell in more detail about his plans in less than a month at the IMWF Congress in Yakutsk.

The head of the sports department Sharavzhamts Tserenzhankhar agreed to the invitation of the IMWF leadership to come to the homeland of the sport during the celebration of the national holiday "Ysyakh" and the 100th anniversary of the republic. Of course, the main goal will be to support the Mongolian national team, which plans to come in full force.

Well, the long-awaited meeting is getting closer, Yakutia will give a warm welcome to all guests and participants of the mas-wrestling World Championship!

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 726
Country:  Mongolia
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