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Egor Degtyarev is a new world mas-wrestling star!

2022 Kolmar Mas-wrestling Cup International tournament has ended on Russkiy Island in Primorye. Who became the owner of the prestigious Cup?

Kolmar Mas-wrestling Cup International tournament is traditionally held as a part of the sports program of the Eastern Economic Forum on the territory of the pavilion of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for the fourth time.

Due to adverse weather conditions, the tournament began on September 7, a day later than scheduled. The Grand Jury, taking care of the health of the participants, decided to postpone the competition for one day which was an absolute right decision. The life-affirming, bright sunny weather has replaced the dank gray, dreary and dull previous day. Active exhibition work has begun in the pavilions of the Far Eastern regions on the embankment of Ajax Bay. Fit, energetic young people, dressed in a sports uniform fr om sponsors, attracted the eyes of passing Forum participants to the stage of the Yakutia pavilion.

At the opening ceremony, the young athletes were warmly welcomed by the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kolmar Companies Group Anna Tsivileva, Senator of the Russian Federation Alexander Akimov, Minister of Sports of Russia Oleg Matytsin, General Director of JSC Railways of Yakutia Vasily Shimokhin, Permanent Representative of Yakutia to the Far Eastern Federal District Kim Borisov and the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Yakutia Leonid Spiridonov.

Before the competition, the premiere of the film of the creative studio "Mas-Film Studio" about the formation of mas-wrestling in fraternal Mongolia has released. The film was shot in May of this year before the World Championship. One of the heroes of the film - participants of the competition in Vladivostok Sarantuya Zidaabazar and Yyrtsaikh Batsaikhan were pleased to watch as the guests of the Forum watched the Mongolian footage with great interest.

Young people from all over the world fought with rare tenacity for the possession of the cherished wooden stick "mas". A native of Yakutia, the current world champion Valery Nikanorov defended the title of the best in his weight of 75 kg. It must be admitted that the victory was not quite easy. His opponent, the Angolan Zakarias Shioka, also took part in the World Championship and in Vladivostok demonstrated a noticeable increase in skill, reaching the final match. He clearly lacks competitive experience. A strong desire to win forced him to make a lot of unnecessary movements, he was rapidly losing strength, while Nikanorov calmly sat in defense waiting for the right moment, then confidently took the stick. A promising African mas-wrestler came to the Far East with his sister Leticia, who also performed well on the Primorsky platform.

A young and daring Uzbek athlete Gulnoza Rejapova did not give a single chance to Russian lady Ekaterina Frygina in the final and became the first ever winner of the Kolmar Cup. We can say, in this way, she opened the way for women's mas-wrestling at the EEF. But the girl could not get into the territory of a closed event at all because of elementary inattention during the preparatory period. Gulnoza ignored the strict requirement of the organizers to take the PCR test in advance and upon arrival on Russkiy Island was forced to lag behind the general group and spend the whole day "behind the fence". The situation seemed to be at a stalemate. At that time, her relatives, coaches and friends were worried about her in two countries. The commander's decision was made by our colleague Ilham Kadyrov. At his request, the girl was taken back to the airport, wh ere an express test was conducted in an accredited laboratory of the EEF. The round trip took at least four hours. The path to "gold" turned out to be so difficult for Gulnoza Rejapova. The sweeter the victory became for her!

In the prestigious weight category up to 90 kg, as by special selection, all participants are very worthy! But still the main contenders were the winner of the last Kolmar Mas-Wrestling Cup, the master of sports of Kyrgyzstan of international class in mas-wrestling Azat Tashtanbekov fr om Hungary and the winner of the final stage of the World Mas-Wrestling Cup in Finnish Pyhtää, silver medalist of the World Championship in Yakutsk Oliver Kurek from Slovakia. The "dark horse" was the master of sports of Russia in mas-wrestling Egor Degtyarev from the Moscow region. But it was he who became the triumphant of the prestigious tournament. He was simply unstoppable, taking one victory after another, easily coping not only with his extremely "inconvenient" opponents Tashtanbekov and Kurek, but also with other equally ambitious rivals.

Egor Degtyarev being in "peak of his form", went to the improvised platform confidently and won brightly. Well-built physically, he became an ornament of competitions not only in mas-wrestling, but also in Yakut sports, wh ere he gave his best. So, in the allotted two minutes, he wound up 28 revolutions in the Yakut turntable "tutum-ergiir", in the Yakut jumps "kylyy" showed the best result - 23.14 m and brought points to his team, in the relay race with a bag weighing 100 kg, he also did not get tired.

The Russian  athlete became for everyone a model of a true, comprehensively developed mas-wrestler. A versatile fighter! It was not for nothing that after a series of difficult physical tests he was invited to the TV contest "Russian Ninja". Filming will begin soon, and our audience support will not hurt him at all.

By the way, before the flight to Vladivostok, friends, including future rivals, surprised him with birthday greetings. This is quite in the spirit of the brotherhood of world mas-wrestlers. But the athlete presented the best gift to himself, becoming the owner of the Kolmar Cup. In addition, a pleasant bonus was the news that in addition to the prize money, he was automatically invited to next year's tournament. That's it!

The medalists were mas-wrestlers from eight countries of the world. This is, of course, the merit of the heads of the national mas-wrestling federations, who sent athletes in difficult times.

Let's name the winners and prize-winners:


75 kg

1. Nikanorov Valery, Russia

2. Chioca Zacarias Mario Galinha, Angola

3. Alade Samuel Adeola, Nigeria

3. Pal Andras Janos, Hungary

90 kg

1. Degtyarev Egor, Russia

2. Kurek Oliver, Slovakia

3. Tashtanbekov Azat, Hungary

3. Ur Rasool Masood, Pakistan


65 kg

1. Rejabova Gulnoza, Uzbekistan

2. Frygina Ekaterina, Russia

3. Csordás Cintia, Hungary

3. Zidaabazar Sarantuya, Mongolia

Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Leonid Spiridonov and Sergey Moskvitin, Director General of RK-Sport, the sports platform of the Roscongress Foundation attended at the Opening ceremony.

All the fights were captured by the cameras of Nikolai Kuchutov, Mikhail Bulkin and Ivan Nikulin from Yakutsk. Viktor Olesov helped them remotely from Moscow. The video version of the tournament will be posted on the website of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation and the MAS-FILM Studio YouTube channel.

The participants highly appreciated the YES (Yakutia Energy Secret) drink provided by the Yakutia FAPC, unique in that the main energy carrier in its composition is the component "Epsorin" obtained from reindeer antlers.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Ivan Nikulin
Number of shows: 538
Country:  Russia
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