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Meeting point – Iznik, Turkiye

The Mas-wrestling Championship of the World Nomad Games will be held in the Turkish city of Iznik, better known as Nikea.

The International Mas-Wrestling Federation, in cooperation with the World Ethnosport Confederation, is conducting the Mas-wrestling Championship of the World Nomad Games in Iznik, which will be held fr om September 29 to October 2, 2022.

92 athletes from 38 countries all over the world submitted preliminary applications to participate in the championship.

On September 19 the Turkish side began sending out invitations for visa processing.

Not hiding that all participants looking forward to see Iznik – a city with a rich history. It is well known that the sports events held by the IMWF are never limited to the sports program only. Competitions are held in iconic places wh ere athletes can get to know the culture of the host nation closely.

The venue of the World Nomad Games was not chosen by chance. The history of the town goes back centuries. It was founded on the shore of a lake surrounded by high hills in the 8th century b.c. Repeatedly destroyed and reborn, he changed names — Ankore, Antigoi, until the commander of Alexander the Great Lysimachus, who conquered him in 301 b.c, gave him the name Nicea, in honor of the victory and in honor of his wife, who bore the name Nicea. When and why it was subsequently renamed Iznik, those who wish will be able to find out on the spot. Here you will have the opportunity to see the magnificent lake, which stretches from east to west for 32 kilometers, and at its widest point reaches almost 12 kilometers. Fortress walls are everywhere, since since ancient times the whole of Nicaea was surrounded by them and even along the lake there were walls. And, of course, no guest will leave without a souvenir from the famous Iznik blue ceramics — in memory of this amazing city.

Returning to the championship, we recall that the competitions will be held in four men's and two women's weight categories. In terms of the number of participating athletes of the countries, it is just a little short of the level of this year's World Championship. But the geography is much wider this time: 

Australia and Oceania

1. Australia 

2. New Zealand


1. India

2. Iran

3. Kazakhstan

4. Kyrgyzstan

5. Mongolia

6. Pakistan

7. Tajikistan

8. Turkmenistan

9. Uzbekistan

10. Sri Lanka


1. Angola

2. Benin

3. Ghana

4. Egypt

5. Congo

6. Ivory Coast

7. Madagascar

8. Nigeria

9. Sierra Leone

10. Togo

11. CAR


1. Azerbaijan

2. Hungary

3. Poland

4. Russia

5. Serbia

6. Slovakia

North America

1. Haiti

2. Canada

3. USA

South America

1. Argentina

2. Bolivia

3. Brazil

4. Guatemala

5. Colombia

6. Chile

It is remaining less than ten days before the start of this major cultural event. The preparatory process is in full swing.

The names of the declared athletes can be seen on the website of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation /.

Who will eventually be able to climb the Turkish platform, we will find out only on October 1. Keep update.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 597
Country:  Turkey
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