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Mas-wrestling gives wings

Mas-wrestling fans around the world these days are excitedly following the trip of participants of the upcoming Mas-Wrestling World Nomad Games Championship in the Turkish Iznik, crossing continents and oceans on the aircraft of Turkish Airlines - the flagship of Turkish air transportation.

I have to say that the preparation for the championship is not easy considering complicated world events, the lengthening of the deadlines for issuing entry visas and the sharp rise in price of flights between countries. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Turkish colleagues, who were able to ensure the passage of many participants, as well as guarantee free accommodation and meals for all arrivals.

All events will be held in a specially built place about an hour's drive from the city of Bursa. Participants will live in boxes of six people. The conditions are comparable to hostels and quite "Spartan". But it can hardly frighten the mas-wrestlers of the world, because the main thing is to participate in an international championship of such a high level.

We remind you that the competitions will be held in four men's and two women's weight categories. The so-called "geography" of the participating countries pleases with diversity.

We do not give up hope that athletes from the countries of the Pacific region – Australia and New Zealand - will still arrive. As it turned out, it is much more difficult for them than for others due to the remoteness and lack of direct flights to Istanbul.

Asia will be represented by the following countries: India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka.

Africa remains active and will be represented by the following countries: Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo and the Central African Republic. I will make a reservation that the guys from Ghana were late for the flight and are waiting for another board, and the athletes of Nigeria, Togo and the CAR are still waiting for air tickets.

Everyone knows the players from Europe well, we are waiting for Azerbaijan, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia.

North America is represented by two countries: Canada and USA. The delegation will be headed by the legendary and well-respected Odd Haugen, who intends to continue working to promote Yakut mas-wrestling not only on the continent responsible to him, but also beyond.

South America pleases us this time - sports teams from the following countries will come: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and Chile.

The championship in Turkey has not yet taken place, our friends are still flying to the venue, but already at this stage we can openly talk about success. It has been so long since we met in such an expanded format, we have experienced a difficult time at the peak of the pandemic, we are now divided, but in our hearts lives the fire that we lit ten years ago when we made a common decision to promote a new sport around the world. All these years we have been living on the same wave, living the same dream – to make mas-wrestling an Olympic sport. Now, when the world is changing before our eyes, when sports are receding into the second and even third plan, such meetings become especially desirable and valuable. Once again, we thank our Turkish colleagues from the World Ethnosport Confederation for this unique opportunity.

The main judging panel arrived in Iznik the day before. Chief Judge – Yegor Ermolaev, Russia, Deputy Chief Judge – Odd Haugen, USA, Chief Secretary – Namyyna Konstantinova. The referees on the platform are judges from different countries.

The issues of the competition program will be resolved today. According to the approved Regulations of the championship, the arrival day is tomorrow, September 29, admission and weighing on September 30.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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